Channelling positive energy can be good for your health and relationships. If you’ve been feeling tired or down lately, you need more positivity in your life.

People will start noticing the difference, and it will only work out in your favour. Most of us are reserved about approaching individuals who give out negative vibes.
Here’s where you should start in your pursuit of happiness.

3 Ways You Can Easily Start Channelling Positive Energy

1. Work on Yourself

Channelling positive energy cannot start from anyone else but you. You can’t ask your favourite aunt to lend you some of her confidence.
When you’re feeling depressed, it can be hard to muster up the energy to do anything.

But start slowly; start by doing the following:
• Make a list of things you enjoy(ed) doing. Projecting enjoyable things in your mind will give you that extra boost of positivity.
• Set aside an hour or two a day to do the things you enjoy. Cross them off your list as you’re progressing. It will give you a sense of accomplishment.
• Create something new. Start writing down your thoughts in a diary. Sing a song you wouldn’t be caught singing. Get some painting supplies and try to express what’s been bothering you on canvas.
• Open yourself up to new experiences. Often, the only reason we’re feeling down is that we’re stuck in a rut.
All of these will help clear the negative fog from your mind, making way for positivity.

2. Channelling Positive Energy Starts with Creating a Positive Environment

This might sound far-fetched, but how clean you keep your home affects your overall peace of mind. A messy environment reeks of entropy.
Take the time to create some order in your life. Literally. Remember how you loved it when your parents kept your room clean as a child? All of your toys and clothes lined up neatly, giving you a sense of comfort.
Now it’s your turn to create that feeling. The easiest way to go about channelling positive energy from your environment is to do the following:
• Donate clothes you don’t use that often. Less clutter and more closet space!
• Toss out unnecessary items. Think of the following questions. ‘Did I use this thing in the past year? Is it necessary in an emergency? Is it a gift from a dear friend?’ If none of those apply, toss it out.
• Repurpose items you don’t want to throw out. Find a new, helpful use for your trinkets.
You don’t have to throw everything out. But it does help remove some of the chaotic energies in your home.


3. Understand Your Past, then Let It Go

George Santayana said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

It is a very powerful thought, but most people misinterpret it.
If you dwell in the past, you effectively darken your future. Understanding what caused you to get to this point is important. Dwelling on it is not.
Realize what you did wrong, but don’t let it become a crutch. Instead, use it to improve yourself for the future.
Channelling positive energy is much easier when you’re not being held down by emotional baggage.
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