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This psychic email reading is a love and relationship reading. It is completely focused on romantic love, your relationships, and soulmates connections. It looks at what’s coming up, what to expect and how to best navigate your way thru what lies ahead. The reading will focus on giving you detailed information, validation and guidance. Make your relationship the best it can be, and bring the love you want into your life.

  • What will the next 12 months bring in your love life?
  • How will current relationships develop?
  • Who will enter or leave your life?
  • What are the true intentions of the person you are seeing.
  • What issues will you face with them?
  • Are they worth investing in.
  • What problems will you face? and which can be avoided?

If you have any questions about this psychic email reading please email with your questions.

This is a detailed, accurate and straightforward reading that will provide you with a guide as to how the year ahead will unfold. You will be provided with validations, descriptions, detailed information and predictions in your reading. You will also receive warnings about people too. This reading can save you an incredible amount of heartache. It provides your guides with an opportunity to direct you past problem people and guide you towards a truly rewarding and loving relationship that will bring you true happiness.

You will also find guidance as to how you can strengthen yourself and what areas you can address to improve your ability to develop and maintain a romantic interest, and relationship. Importantly, this reading is a bluntly honest one. I will relay the information to you, exactly as it is shown or ‘given’ to me.

Your psychic email reading will be around 1,400 words in length and will be completed and returned to you within three business days of receiving payment and the details required to do your reading – see below.

Please provide:

  • Your first name
  • The first name of anyone you want to ask about
  • Any specific questions you want answers to
  • Your and, the other person’s birthdate, are helpful, but not necessary
  • Images can be helpful and you are welcome to include them


Information for Love and Relationship Reading

  • Readings will be returned within three business days
  • Your first name and the first name of anyone you wish to ask about are required for all email readings
  • If you have specific questions you want answered in your email reading, please include them via email
  • Birth dates or Sun Signs, e.g. Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus etc., are helpful, but not essential, if you are comfortable to provide them please do
  • Images can provide further information. If you would like to send an image you are more than welcome to
  • Special reading requests are welcomed. Please feel free to send through your questions if you feel the standard email readings do not meet your needs
  • Please email if you have any questions
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