4 Relationship Warning Signs Everyone Should Know About

Even if you’ve been somewhat happy with your significant other for quite a while, there are some relationship warning signs you can’t ignore.

They can turn into massive outbursts as fast as you can say break-up. If your loved one shows any of the following signs, it’s time to discuss some matters.


  1. They Don’t Give You Any Space

One of the first relationship warning signs you’ll notice is the constant need for overstepping boundaries. Here are some aspects you should watch out for:

  • Your partner makes insensitive jokes at your expense. Between the two of you, certain boorish jokes can be fun. But in front of your friends, this can become a problem.
  • Your loved one forces you to share private information. Constant nagging about something you deem confidential is a red flag. Sure, you shouldn’t hold secrets from each other, but everyone deserves the right to privacy.
  • They don’t approve of (most of) your friends. Not liking one or two of your friends is fine. Not everyone can get along. But if you spend more time struggling to maintain peace than enjoying your relationship, something’s wrong.
  1. Immaturity Is among Those Relationship Warning Signs You Don’t Want to Deal with

Emotional maturity is a major quality. If you’ve settled down, but your lover still acts like a college student, it’s time to rethink your relationship.

Social anxiety is not something to joke about, but it should not be your problem to keep in check.

Immaturity is one of those relationship warning signs that no one seems to mind until it affects them personally.

Like say, panicking over small issues. There are certain times when feeling anxiety is natural. Such as in the case of a fire or an earthquake. Other times, everyone should keep a level head.

If you have a heated argument, both of you should stop and breathe in deeply. You wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to converse when you’re both calm.

  1. They Don’t Keep Your Secrets Safe

Trust is probably the most important quality in any relationship. If you can’t trust your lover and best friend, who can you trust?

Sure, everyone makes mistakes. But if your partner constantly spills the beans, you need to have a serious talk.

Those “leaks” are sometimes intentional, just to spite you. If not, it could tie in with the emotional maturity aspect I’ve mentioned before. If your loved one can’t keep a secret, find someone else who can.


  1. They Don’t Admit Their Blame

Everyone is prone to mistakes, but it’s important we all take responsibility for our actions.

If your loved one always shifts the blame to someone else, be careful. It could be you who takes the brunt of that hit one day.

In cases where it’s clearly their fault for what happens, tell them to man up. If not, tell them to take a hike. It may sound harsh, but remember that it is their choice to make.

You should take note of these four signs as soon as you identify them. Communication is the key to saving any relationship, and knowing what the problem is can help out.

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