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Truly connected to my situation and POI. Didn’t say much to her but just first names and she started describing the situation accurately. She was spot on about how POI has been. Thank you!

Jane – 19th Feb, 2020

I never got to rate my first session with Amber, months ago, which was amazing and spot on! She is very detailed and saw so much, without me saying a word. She gives you a lot of information. Everything she told me was spot on and resonated! I had another reading a couple days ago and she picked right up on the current state of things accurately. Thank you Amber!


She can read and see everything …. Amber is connecting for you so quickly and right on the point. Never waste your time and money! Highly recommended!

-29 July, 2019


Amber is amazing! She connects quickly, is fast and extremely honest. Very very talented. She is honest and compassionate at the same time. She truly cares and wants to help. I highly recommend her! A beautiful and kind soul. Thanks Amber :)

– July, 2019


Amber’s psychic abilities are truly extraordinary. She went into amazing detail providing clarity and truth about the situation I was in while being given only first names. She types fast but won’t hurry through the reading taking time to address all areas of concern. Amber is very pleasant and friendly and expressed genuine concern for my well being. If your wanting an accurate reading from a top rated real psychic you won’t be disappointed.

June, 2019


She is the very best. I have had other psychics read for me and, I didn’t feel they were spot on. She has been spot on and things that I hadn’t spoken about. Amber is the real deal!!! ??????


–  May, 2019


I really loved talking to Amber. She had a really warm energy and was right on the mark with my POI. Thanks Amber, I appreciate you :)


– May, 2019


Wow she is absolutely amazing!!! She picked up on my situation immediately and was straightforward without sugarcoating! Thank you so much :)


– May, 2019


She is the very best. I have had other psychics read for me and, I didn’t feel they were spot on. She has been spot on and things that I hadn’t spoken about. Amber is the real deal!!!


Gemma – April, 2019




I have known Amber for a few years now and all her readings have helped me so much and gave me important information about any kind of situations I went through.
She always answers my questions with profound clarity and accuracy.
Tell me details about persons as she knew them personally.
Amber is truly gifted !!!
She’s also honest warm and funny.
I’m very happy and grateful to know her. Highly recommend her!

– September, 2018


I can honestly say that you brought tears to my eyes because you literally showed me a mirror that I had covered for so long about everything you just said. From the depression to being confused, and about how I treat myself. I went into this not really expecting anything but when you sent that email, I couldn’t help but feel like you hit the hammer right on the nail. I want to touch base on something you said at the end and want to thank you for that(and this reading overall), saying how you might send this now, and I was confused to why you said that but after reading everything, my friend who was with me at the time asked what’s wrong and I broke down in front of her. I just let that wall down with her and told her everything, from this reading, to how I am, how hard I am on myself and soon felt a weight being lifted. You sent that at the most perfect time.

Once again thank you for that reading and opening my eyes to things that I knew but kept in the dark! Further clarification would be great because I’m in awe and also stuck.

– 22nd October 2018


I have been with Amber since 2010 and in all that time Amber has stayed true to herself and to me. She has picked up on energies of people around me as well as events around me. She has better prepared me and she has lifted me up when I most needed it. I cannot say enough about her and the only thing that remains is I wish to see her in person to give her a great big hug as I have talked to her across 4 continents and her guides and intuition have been honest even if I didn’t want to hear it, on point and always with great care for me. One day, Amber, I will see you!!! xxx
– March, 2018


You helped me tremendously. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for being so quick and generous with your readings! I am so deeply grateful. You’re my favorite psychic and my sister and I can’t stop reading the readings hahaha you’re so good! I’m addicted lol. Please let me know if you’d like me to write up a testimonial for you.

Sending you lots of love and I will definitely use you in the future.


I was so amazed at the accuracy of The Love reading you did for me previously.
November 20th, 2017


Amber has been reading for me for a few months now. She is amazing, honest, compassionate & most importantly so accurate with her readings.
I am so grateful to have her guidance, as she always speaks the truth about a situation. Thanking you so much. I highly recommend Amber. She is beautiful.


So understanding, gifted, and genuinely kind.
Amber is very compassionate and patient letting me ask all my questions that feel like a race of questions sometimes!!

She never makes me feel judged or awkward no matter how many times I go over the same questions. She is beautiful in every way.


I always feel more grounded when we speak. Amber is so spot on and quick, and to the point.
She is always generous with her time. Can’t recommend her highly enough – worth every penny!


Thank you so much Amber!

You’re reading is brilliant, insightful and SPOT ON. You truly have such a great gift and the best ability I have seen :)
And by the way, you are spot on about my eyes! I have really big eyes because I am Persian and Italian! hahaha and I could tell he was intensely staring at them so I think you are definitely right about that!!! :)
Thank you so much again, you are brilliant :)
– October 10th, 2017


Amazingly accurate on every level …. will definitely be back …. made me feel a whole lot better about my situation.

– October 5th, 2017


Hi Amber! Wow your reading was magnificent I will definitely use you again and I recommended you to my sister and she just purchased a reading! I think my friend wants to as well and I recommended you to her :)
I can’t stop reading your reading it was incredible! Wow!!! You are a very talented and dynamic reader. You definitely answered my question …  Thank you again Amber! If I’m correct and just to clarify he doesn’t think I fawn over him and I’m doing a good job of playing it cool? If I’m not Ill definitely not chase him or fawn over him in the future. Haha.  I’ve been trying to play it cool as I can but it’s so hard when you’re so into someone. You’re brilliant and I can’t wait to hear from you!
– 8th October, 2017


Thank you, Amber. Your skill and insight are amazing. Is there anything else to come through. I truly love him, but I realize that he isn’t right for me and it’s been so hard to end the marriage. Everything you have said makes sense and has really helped me see things as they are.

I am amazed at your accuracy of everything. You have got so many things correct!!!  Your connection is amazing.
– 6th September, 2017


You have given me so much to think about today, your advice is what I really needed to hear because I often forget that I also get to decide if he is enough for me.. so I really appreciate that!
I wanted to tell you also that your readings always seem to re-energise me, I’ve spent the day going back to my roots and I feel so much more confident, I really can’t tell you how special that is so thank you amber :)
I think you are right in that I can help him through his issues if I remain understanding and patient!
The thing I’m struggling with the most is that when you say he does love me.. I FEEL that from him so strongly I believe it, but then his words are so contrasting to that it makes me think it must be impossible
Again you are so on point you have tuned into my head perfectly :) so gifted!! Xxxx
 –  9th October, 2017