The Magician is powerfully charismatic as he stands before us representing masculine energy and creation. He has the symbol of infinity above him and placed on the table before him lie the symbols of the Elementary Dignitaries;  The Airy Sword, The Wand of Fire, The Chalice of Love and Emotions, and The Pentacle of Work and Wealth. The Magician has the powerful ability to create that which he wants.

When The Magician appears he is frequently there to remind you of your personal power. He lets you know that you have to start creating whatever it is that you want in your life – love, money, career, adventure, solutions. Harness your willpower, you too can create as he does.

The Magician, if appearing as another person or situation, may be a warning to be careful, not to be fooled. Keep your wits about you, because you are either talking a magician or a trickster.  Avoid making decisions quickly, do not be spontaneous, and do your homework, particularly if you fear you are dealing with a snake oil salesman.

In terms of career, The Magician encourages you to believe in yourself and reminds you of your fits with words and power to influence others.


InterpretationsThe Magician

– Magnetic personality, charming, convincing, ego

– Trickster, charlatan

– His words are magic

– Originality, creation, creativity

– Self-confidence

– Cunning

– Having all the tools you need at your fingertips

– Used car salesman, politician, confidence-man



Number 0
Element Air
Planet Mercury
Timing Rapid
Yes/No Maybe