Career Reading

Career Reading


The psychic career reading is a 12 month forecast to support you in achieving your goals in all areas of career, business, finance and professional development. With a focus on achieving career goals, business success and financial prosperity, your forecast will be accurate, in-depth, and detailed.

Your psychic career reading will give you a guide to what is coming up over the 12 months ahead at work, in business and in any financial markets you enquire about. This reading will include upcoming opportunities, as well as areas that need to be navigated carefully to avoid problems or losses.

Your psychic career reading is geared to meet your needs, and support you in all areas of your career and working life. So if there are specific areas you would like focused on please feel free to say so – the reading is meant to meet your needs, and all your questions and concerns are welcome and will be attended to in detail. This includes providing psychic guidance and information on dealing with difficult people in the workplace, how to handle saboteurs and methods for reducing anxiety and taking control of your environment.

Direction on market trends, investment advice, and emerging influences that affect you.


Information for Business, Career & Finance Reading

Please provide:

  • Your first name
  • The area you wish me to focus on
  • Date of birth or zodiac sign is helpful
  • Images can be helpful and you are welcome to include them
  • Email readings will be returned within three business days

Please email if you have any questions and queries about the psychic career reading or would like further guidance

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