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3 Signs Your Loved Ones Are Communicating With You From beyond the Veil

Have you ever felt the people you loved and lost trying to reach out to you?
Although they’re no longer here, you can still feel their presence. They are trying to convey messages through many signs you may not be aware of.
Here are three things to pay attention to.  They’re proof that your loved ones are communicating with you from beyond the veil.

You Feel a Physical Presence near You

Although you don’t see a thing, you have the certainty that there’s someone there with you. The spirits of our beloved ones want to let us know they are still present.
That is one way they manage to reach out to us. It is also one of the most important signals you should pay attention to. When you feel that strange sensation, you immediately tend to look around. You expect to see someone standing right beside you.
What you feel is the energy of each being, the energy that is ‘truly them’, and that they will possess eternally, regardless of passing to the other side.
The spirits of your loved ones are communicating with you from beyond the veil.
They try to comfort you. They want to let you know that death is not the end, and they’re still with you.

Here are some common signals that the one you’ve lost is in the same room with you:

  • Feeling that someone is looking at you.
  • Sensing a change or a vibration in the air.
  • Having the feeling someone is gently touching you.

You Receive Inexplicable Signs through Electrical Devices

If someone has just passed away, the signals they try to send out can be quite powerful. Are your electrical devices acting weird all of a sudden? It’s possible that the spirits of your loved ones are communicating with you from beyond the veil.

When we pass to the other side, we turn into pure energy. Energy can be manipulated, and it can interfere with other energetic fields. You may receive messages from beyond through your electronic devices.

In this case, your beloved ones try to give you real signals. Try to keep track of small incidents like:

  • The TV or other devices suddenly turning on/off.
  • The lights flickering or turning on/off inexplicably.


Your Loved Ones Are Communicating with You from beyond the Veil through Thoughts

Those who have passed might try to contact us in a peaceful, subtle way. Thus, they can try to communicate with you … through you. I know it sounds bizarre, so let me explain.

You may sometimes have strange thoughts in your mind. Words you would never express on your own. Phrases that rather sound like someone else is speaking. 

Can you identify that someone else? Is it someone you’ve loved and lost? If the answer is yes, it’s a sign from beyond this world.

Your beloved ones are trying to advise or warn you. They could also send you those messages just to let you know everything is in order on their end

No matter what signs you get from those who passed away, be open and thankful. Your beloved ones make an effort to let you know that life is eternal and that they’re still with you.

Watch out for both the subtle and the direct messages they send. I hope my words helped you accept and understand this phenomenon better.

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