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4 Types of Crystals That Can Boost Your Spiritual Growth

Crystals that can boost your spiritual growth

Are you genuinely interested in crystals? You might like them for the mere fact that they’re beautiful. They are great jewellery items, but they provide other significant advantages as well. They have the ability to manipulate energy.


There are even crystals that can boost your spiritual growth. Here is a list of the four most common stones that help you achieve emotional and psychic balance:


clear quartz


1. Clear Quartz to Help You Meditate

  • This stone is terrific if you want to enhance your meditative practices. It is a very common crystal. You won’t have any trouble in finding it. It is also useful for your psychic development because:
  • It acts as an energy amplifier. You should wear it as a jewel or simply carry it with you and hold it somewhere close. This stone improves energy flow and transmission.
  • Clear quartz helps you communicate more efficiently. It increases your capacity to receive and understand messages faster and easier. This crystal is also known for its ability to ease communication with the spiritual realm.
  • It helps you reduce negativity and focus on spirituality.



best crystals, hematite


2. Hematite to Reduce Stress

  • The hematite is usually used by those who need grounding and emotional stability. Its most important trait is the ability to eliminate stress.
  • Hematite is also common among crystals that can boost your spiritual growth. Here are some of the main benefits of this crystal:
  • It helps you balance emotions and handle negative thoughts easier. This stone enhances your ability to dispel negativity.
  • Hematite can help you organize your mental activity. By lowering stress levels, they help sharpen your logical thinking and creativity.
  • It helps maintain the connection with earth’s vibration. It is an excellent crystal to help you keep up the balance between body and spirit.


3. Amethysts: The Crystals That can Boost Your Spiritual Growth

  • It’s a precious stone from an energetic point of view. Luckily, this doesn’t make it expensive because it is, in fact, a very common crystal. I usually refer to it as the “peace stone”.
  • It is one of the top gems for those who want to improve their psychic abilities. The main advantages are:
  • Amethysts protect your spiritual self. They are one of the most powerful stones that help you increase your self-awareness. They allow you to reach a high spiritual vibration.
  • This crystal helps you get more insight and develop your intuition. It also makes meditation practice more efficient. The amethyst is connected to the 3rd eye chakra which influences psychic abilities.



4. Tiger’s Eye to Make You More Cheerful

  • The tiger’s eye is a great stone to bring more happiness into your life. It has one thing in common with the amethyst: Manipulating the 3rd eye chakra. The primary attributes of this stone are:
  • It makes you more optimistic and carefree. Wearing it helps you maintain your positive thoughts and focus on the good side of things
  • It helps you become more flexible and less stubborn
  • The tiger’s eye offers you more clarity. It enhances your self-evaluation capacity. It helps you recognize both your strong and weak points and find a way to cope with them.
  • There is so much more to say about crystals that can boost your spiritual growth.

I hope you’ve found this overview useful. Many other gems can help you balance your energies and gain more awareness as well.
To use them efficiently, you first have to understand what part of your spiritual being needs healing.
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