Ask Me?  Why won’t he stop contacting her, even though she’s made it clear he needs to stop?”

The 7 swords say he doesn’t believe in her resolve or decision, either he perceives her as being manipulative, or believes he can manipulate her and change her mind about him ….. he uses The Star – and The Eight Cups to help him – tells her they will walk away from the past problems – they will create a magical (far from real) future together…. 7 swords – deception, Queen Swords, has learnt through hardship and heartache the difficulties of life, but all the same the dream of true love and happiness remains – her heart is guarded – but its warm and beating and wanting uncompromising love…. do enough to prove you love me and maybe i will trust you – maybe I will let go of my self perpetuated fears….. He senses this – he has the star (intuitive gifts, that he puts down to street smarts) too – intuitive and perceptive and ‘gifted’ with the sixth sense.

Anna Kelly

Your spot on Amber. Thank you

What Do The Cards Tell Us?

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