Here is Melanie Tonia Evans’ white light healing visualization technique (© 2005) for self-healing in its entirety:

Lie down, and have your eyes closed, and feel relaxed. Do some deep slow breathing until you feel that you are in a peaceful state. Meditation music, candles, and incense, or the smell of oils can be very helpful.

It is imperative that this time is free of distractions. I often advise people to do this early in the morning whilst lying in the sanctuary of their bedroom, or late at night when the house is quiet. Make sure the phone is off.

white light healing, natural healing

Imagine an enormous light over the top of you (like a large billiard table light), make sure in your visualization that the light is longer and wider than you are, and that it is about two feet above you.

In your mind’s eye switch on the white light healing light capacity of the light, and “feel” a powerful warmth and “see” a blinding white light coming out of the light. Feel the sensation of the light on you.
Know that this light represents Universal Healing and that there is no greater power of “perfection”, and that no earthly disease is immune to such power and perfection.

Feel the light enter your body, and know that it energises your killer T Cells into action. “See” and “feel” the T Cells activate. Imagine the T-Cells in any way that you wish. Many people have come up with the image of an army and several members of my Meditation Classes see them as little “Pac men”. This is personal and it doesn’t matter what they look like to you.

See these T-Cells “wake up”, stir and energise and flock together in great excitement. See and feel the light shining into them and energizing them. Feel and know that this bright blinding light that is surging through your body is giving your T-Cells “memory recall” and grants them “invincibility.”

In your mind, gather your T-Cells into a large cluster and then give them the “order” to go to the site where the disease is. It is important at this stage to visualize the disease. Again this is very personal. You may see it as a red lump, a black area, or in any other form. Trust your intuition (imagination) and go with any form of vision that comes to you when you focus on this site.
Then send your “troops” in.

See them spray an incredibly blinding white light (Universal Healing) over the area which dissolves the diseased area into ‘nothingness’. This has been a fascinating procedure whereby I have heard reports of incredible events. Many people claim that they physically feel the sensations of the “dissolving.”

In one such case, I held my hand over a gentleman’s liver and actually felt his liver quiver as his T-Cells eradicated cancer. (This man is today alive and in excellent health). One night after feeling the awful effects of a very sore throat, I myself “sent my troops in” and felt instant relief in my throat and a sudden reversal of fever immediately after this process. The next morning I awoke with a clear throat and no physical symptoms of a virus.

It is important at this stage to continue dissolving until the area is clear and restored to normal. If the troops are having trouble penetrating or winning, the focus on the bright light giving the T-Cells density in numbers and “invincibility” assists greatly.

In the extreme cases of a very potent disease, the subject may not be able to maintain the dissolving and may feel that the T-Cells are faltering. In such a case the procedure can become “sneaky” where a planned dissolving occurs by directing the T-Cells to enter the diseased organ and spray the disease with white light from behind.

In some forms of cancer, individuals have reported that the cancer cells seem to have a “protective coating” on them that feels like some sort of force field. In such cases, visualization can be produced that effectively camouflages the T-Cells by disguising them as cancer cells, whereby they can be directed to merge with the cancer cells and then dissolve them.

Once the area is clear the subject then visualizes cleansing and clearing the area with a wave of white light. Then B-Cells (Guard Cells) are visualized and stationed in and around the battle site (for scientific background on B cells see How & Why Guided Imagery Works: Cancer Victor Describes Psycho-Neuro-Immunological Background).

These guards are alert and forever observing. Their purpose is to alert the T-Cells if they become aware of “anything unusual.” Just knowing that they are positioned is enough for an individual to have peace of mind that their disease is effectively under control.