The Ace of Swords wields an almighty force – one that changes lives, starts revolutions, and if in the right hands can truly change the world. Whether on a global or a personal scale, this Ace has immeasurable power… combined with the emotional detachment of the swords suit, this is one card that can have chilling implications. Who wields its power? That is the question that comes to my mind when I’m presented with Rider Waite’s Ace of Swords in a reading. This sword smacks of power and force and strength in the hands of one who is unseen. Is it a weapon, or is it a protector of the people?

Ace Swords

The sword serves evil with as much valor as it does good. Therefore we need to ascertain, as quickly as we can, whose hand it is that grasps this mighty sword? The sword is a statement in duality – the further you scratch the surface the further you will see this applies. On the most basic level the sword is a man-made weapon, yet, it is a symbol of justice. It is made of steel yet represents thought. It wields power, but is signified by air… and this is just the surface layer.


The greater the strength of she who wields the sword the more powerful it shall become. In the wrong hands, it remains as mighty a force as it does in the hands of good. The Swords are completely dispassionate – there is no right or wrong – that is attributed to the card by the ‘reader’ or ‘querent’, it is not an inherent attribute. The cards do not judge. Similarly, the sword does not mind who it serves – its power, conversely, is drawn from the one who wields it. It is never more powerful than its master, and it freely changes hands with varying consequences. He who carries the sword will do as he wishes with it.

Therefore the sword serves evil, enforcing negativity and possibly oppression with equal voracity as it will, in other hands, uphold good.

The Aces of the Tarot bring new energy into existence, this one brings a new world view. A new perception. A powerful and potentially creative new way of thinking. History and psychology show us clearly that people do not like to change the way they think. New beliefs, new interpretations, and ideas collide with the ones that are already established and are frequently suppressed. The resistance to new ideas, no matter how wonderful, see conflict, debates, quarrels, and revolutions born into existence. These are the implications of the Ace Swords in a reading.

Ace Swords


No matter how benign this card may seem in a reading, never underestimate it. The energy of this ace has the power to change, influence, or destroy all who stand in its path. If the Ace of Swords is shown as propelling a goal or idea, pay heed – it is one that will come to fruition. Oppose this Ace, and it will mow you down. It has no inherent morality.

The Aces are the seed, concept, or ‘spirit’ of each suit. The beginning, and the embodiment of the truest essence of the suit of Swords. The Ace of Swords is the card that corresponds to the element of spirit and therefore true potentiality, energy, and strength.


When you interpret this card as a spiritual card within a reading it is usually referring to a breakthrough moment, a moment of prophetic insight, or great mental clarity. With this card the fog or confusion is swept away, everything becomes clear. You can see the bigger picture and all sides fairly. Great ideas are born under the influence of this card.

The Ace of Swords in a reading indicates change, it either is happening, or is about to happen. The card pertains to thought – the changing is coming from the inside out, therefore, things are being seen differently. So right away we are seeing the power of the messages in the swords suit. The swords are telling us what is coming from within. In the context of work, the Ace can mean that you soon will try a different tactic or may even choose to leave the job that you’re currently in. If you’re committed to staying where you are, you may have some good ideas for new policies or procedures that could make everyone’s life easier at work and improve the bottom line/final product.

The ace of swords at times implies that whilst new opportunity is present, old thinking or structures, must be cut away, in order to embAce Swordsrace the new. The sword and its message, is always doubled edged (and so profound). In terms of love, the Ace of Swords can mean that you are ready to start something new, and if you’re currently in a committed relationship, it can indicate that there’s something about this relationship that you will choose to put a stop to.

When it comes to finances, the Ace of Swords calls us to know when enough is enough. Now is not the time to take chances with money. Don’t invest any money that you couldn’t afford to lose. You may be approached for a loan. As much as it pains you, it may be in your best interests to not lend what you are asked. You are encouraged to think and put your interests first.