Which Tarot Cards Indicate A Pregnancy?

Which Tarot Cards Indicate A Pregnancy?

Many people consult the Tarot for information about pregnancy and fertility. There are several cards in the Tarot that are very closely associated with this area.

So, which Tarot Cards indicate A Pregnancy? The cards are:

  • The High Priestess
  • The Empress
  • The Moon
  • The Sun
  • Ace Cups
  • 3 Cups
  • 9 Cups
  • 9 Pentacles (with an Ace Cups or Ace Wands)
  • Page Cups
  • Ace Wands

Of the cards listed above the strongest indicators of a pregnancy are The Empress and The Sun. These cards are the most significant because they are Major Arcana, and because The Empress is the mother figure of the deck and is depicted, at least in traditional Rider-Waite based decks, as a woman who is quite possibly pregnant, and is the symbol of fertility and new life.

The Sun is significant because it is a card about new life and growth and depicted upon it is a cherub, symbolising to many a baby. When the sun shines life flourishes, new growth is encouraged and life prospers. Think of greenery and wildlife returning to nature after a bleak winter – it is evocative of fertility and abundance.

The Ace of Cups indicates a new opportunity for love, a new beginning and if this card was drawn in response to a question about pregnancy it should be interpreted very positively as would the 3 of Cups and the Page of cups. On their own in a reading or Tarot Spread these cards don’t necessarily indicate a pregnancy, it is important to look to the cards on either side of them in order to interpret them more meaningfully and accurately.

Which Tarot Cards Indicate A Pregnancy?

There are several card combinations that stand out when looking to the cards for information on pregnancy. These include the 9 Wands with either the Ace Cups, or the Ace Wands, The 9 Pentacles with the Ace Cups, or Ace Wands as well as the 9 Swords with either the Ace of Cups or Wands. These cards combinations are significant as the 9 is symbolic of the 9 months of pregnancy and the Aces are representing new life and love.

When the cards display the 9 Swords followed by an Ace Cups, Ace Wands or Moon, we are frequently being shown that this is a pregnancy that brings a hardship with it. It may be that the pregnancy is susceptible to miscarriage or premature birth, that the pregnancy will be stressful, there could be financial struggle, or this could be an unwanted pregnancy. It is important to read the 9 Swords as indicating stress during this pregnancy and realise that it is a card that forewarns problems and as such encourages the querent to take extra care of their pregnancy and to be sure to be more vigilant than they otherwise might be.

When the Moon or The High Priestess cards show up in a reading focused on pregnancy these cards are indicating that unknown factors play a part. For example, they could indicate undiscovered fertility issues – the Moon referencing a woman’s cycle and the high priestess speaking towards the unknown and what is hidden beneath the surface. The High Priestess also has the potential to indicate that a querent is either pregnant already (unaware of it though) or will fall pregnant shortly without being aware or perhaps without ‘trying’.

Whilst knowing which tarot cards indicate a pregnancy is very useful – never forget to trust your intuition. Always look at your cards with fresh eyes and interpret them differently depending on the way they make you feel on any given day or reading. Some days it feels right to read them one way – some days another. These are only some guidelines or common interpretations of the cards that may be able to help you.

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