What’s the difference between a psychic reader and a tarot reader?

Traditionally a psychic reader is someone who is perceived to provide readings and messages from spirit based upon what they pick up from spirit. This communication with spirit is enabled by the psychic’s ability to use their ‘clair’ senses, and without the support of any tools.

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The ‘clair’ senses are:

  • Clairaudience, clear ‘hearing’
  • Clairsentience; clear ‘feeling’
  • Clairvoyance; clear ‘seeing’
  • Clairscent; clear ‘smelling’
  • Clairtangency; clear ‘touching’

Tarot reader’s tend to be viewed as people who rely upon a tool to divine messages from spirit. There is a tendency on the part of querents to feel that tarot readers are not inherently intuitive psychic readers. People who cast aspersion upon their skills tend to embody a mistrust of Tarot Cards, and question whether spirit works with ‘cards’. The question should not be does spirit work with tarot cards, rather, does spirit guide psychic readers. The answer is yes, and therefor spirit works to direct the attention of tarot readers to what is significant and important in the cards laid out in front of them.

Many psychic readers will over time develop their array of skills to incorporate many different tools. These tools include pendulums, tarot cards, crystals for scrying, Ouija boards and more. Psychic’s do this because they are looking for ways to provide a greater depth of service to their clientele. For example, if using tarot cards enables a greater ability to predict time frames accurately – wouldn’t you want your psychic to utilise this tool? If using an Ouija board, or a pendulum and an alphabet enables a message to be spelt out letter by letter for a client, wouldn’t that client want that opportunity to hear from spirit? Yes!

Any professional Tarot reader is a psychic. The tarot cards are a tool they use in their communication with spirit.

A tarot enthusiast may not be a psychic. They may very well love and study the cards, but if you are using tarot cards for the purpose of divination you are using your psychic skillset and the cards are a tool which enable your communication with the spirit world.

What’s the difference between a psychic and a tarot reader? A tarot reader is a psychic that has learnt to read tarot cards. Therefore tarot readers are psychics who have expanded their skillset in order to provide their client with an additional skill set.


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