deflection spell is used to get rid of a person`s influence. Here is a simple deflection spell that can be used by anyone, to protect themselves from the influence of another, it brings no harm upon the other person, and works powerfully to protect the energy around you.

Deflection Spell

Visualise a broomstick pointed at said person. Really see it in your minds’ eye.

Say 3 times…

“Get Thee Hence From My Door,
I am Weary to the core”

Keep on until you feel it`s done.

It’s important to the strength and longevity of the deflection spell that you repeat the verse every time you see or think of this person.
In addition to the deflection spell you may want to perform this very simple binding spell as well.It will lend additional energy to the deflection spell you’ve already performed.

This spell is to bind someone from causing harm of any kind.

Binding Spell:

Say the person’s name and define the line you want them bound from crossing.

“I bind you______ from doing harm to others and harm to yourself.”

“I bind you from doing harm to others and harm to yourself”

Repeat this as you bind the person’s photo with black tape.