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How Your Past Lives Might Influence Your Current State

How Your Past Lives Might Influence Your Current State


We often wonder what we were in past lives. We also tend to wonder if said past experiences might have influenced our present lives in one way or the other. 

Most people think that it’s impossible to know, but it’s not. Our body may be only temporary, but our soul is eternal. It affects every aspect of our past, present, and future lives.

By looking at who and where you are now, you can get a glimpse into the past. Some things stay with us for millennia.

Plus, it also works the other way around. That means you can learn how your past lives have influenced your present journey as well. 

Your Traits and Characteristics

Some say that the soul is completely unchangeable and static. Other say it’s in a constant state of flux. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I see the soul as a regular shape that always changes colors.

Some defining features never change. They give you shape. The feelings that come from the bottom of your heart have always been part of you. They are the colors. Love, for example, is one of those traits. Your capacity to love is the same as it has always been.

Other characteristics, however, are formed through the lessons you’ve learned in past lives. They’re the soul’s way of making sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Trust is a good example. If you’ve been very trusting in another life and it brought harm to you, you’ll be more cautious in the next.

Even your skills carry over from past lives. You are talented in certain areas because you learned the hard way in the past. A natural-born leader has been in that position before.

So, basically, the way you are today can be easily attributed to how your past experiences.

The People in Your Life

People often say phrases like “the love of a lifetime”. I say you can go even further. The bonds we form with others can be so strong that not even death can sever them. Bonded souls attract each other through time itself.

I’m not necessarily talking about your current family. It can be anyone. Simple acquaintances may be people that you cared dearly for in past lives. That has brought you together in a sea of over seven billion souls.

Think about the people you surround yourself with while meditating. You may be able to awaken a feeling or memory you shared in a previous life.

In turn, that will help you better understand how you came to surround yourself with the people you love in the present.

Your Shortcomings

No one is perfect. That much is clear. Our character defects, however, are not something we have to simply accept. They’re something we need to overcome – and our past might just be the key to achieving this.

Shortcomings sometimes latch themselves to our souls, and they’re carried on to our next life. They will continue to do so, weighing us down, until we defeat them.

I know that it’s hard – it may even take several lifetimes to do it. What matters most, though, is that you try. Meditate, draw strength from your past lives and from the world. You will eventually succeed.

You must defeat the demons of your past for the sake of your future.


What You Can Learn from Your Past Lives

You can glimpse into the deepest and most complex thoughts of your past. You’ll see and understand what made you what you are now. You will not learn more about history, but you’ll learn more about yourself.

It may seem hard interpreting your life but just listen to your heart. Past lives are a mystery worth solving.

If you want to embark on such a journey of self-discovery but don’t know where to start, get in touch with me. Let’s piece together the puzzle that time has obscured.



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