The 4 Main Advantages of Mantra Meditation

Many of us wish to enrich our life and relax – to become one with our true self. That is one of the most significant advantages of mantra meditation. While a simple practice, few know that there are multiple types of meditation.

The idea of “mantra” is usually linked to mysterious, occult practices. The truth is that it is only a numinous sound, a syllable, words or group of words in Sanskrit. They don’t have a syntactic structure or literal meaning. But they do, however, own psychological and spiritual power.

Here are four of the main advantages of mantra meditation so you can start practicing it yourself:

It Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Mantra meditation channels the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit. It combines sound, breath, and rhythm. By doing this, brain hemisphere imbalance is regulated.

Our present hyper-stimulated lifestyle is filled with stressful situations. Thus, the main advantage of mantra meditation is that it calms us and makes us see things in a different way.

The practice balances our nervous and endocrine systems. Chronic stress and tension slowly fade away. A normalized hormone production will stabilize our moods and overall sense of well-being.

mantra meditation

Chanting is a pleasure that transcends the senses. It soothes us in the most profound way – on a cellular level. The word “mantra” is composed of “man” – “mind”- and “tra”, meaning projection or deliverance in Sanskrit.

So mantra meditation takes us beyond the bounds of space and time. It leads us from the sounds and stimulation of the material world and delivers us into a spiritual place. It turns the negative into positive.

We Become Better Versions of Ourselves

Vedic meditation, which is also known as mantra meditation, makes us smarter and more creative by cleansing the body of stress. We gain the knowledge of the flow of nature, thus experiencing more synchronicity and serendipity.

Stress only makes us irrational because the body reacts like a wild animal would chase it. Your brain is using too much energy to fight off this threat and cannot focus on other tasks that are more important.

So one of the advantages of mantra meditation is that you become more attuned with the natural rhythms of the universe.

mantra meditation


It Connects the Brain’s Hemispheres

In our ordinary state of consciousness, the left and the right hemispheres of our brain function separately. Each side of the brain is doing its own thing. However, we usually don’t use the right part of the brain, leaving it in a state of atrophy.

As we all know, the right hemisphere is responsible for creativity. So one of the advantages of mantra meditation is that we can take our entire brain to a workout at the gym. Both hemispheres are truly connected and act as one.

That enables us to be more aware of every single detail around us and to solve problems in an easier, more creative way. We become balanced, and our mind has the power to find unique solutions to our deepest problems.

Everybody can do mantra meditation. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of one of the Fortune 500 companies or a student – the practice will make you better.

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