white light healing

White Light Healing – Here’s how!

White Light Healing – Energy Boost White light healing is a very old method of cleansing and renewing energy. I most frequently perform this for my clients that are suffering from depression or anxiety, as it lifts the negativity from the person, leaving them feeling far better physically and emotionally. White lighting can be done anywhere, by anyone, and requires …

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psychic protection, protection spell

Psychic Protection

– Smudging refers to a process of burning herbs to purify or cleanse unwanted forces, and/or negative energy. This is a relatively simple process, whereby you waft ‘smoke’ into the areas that you wish to cleanse. If you are performing a cleanse for yourself or another person, or an object you will need them to pass through the smoke. Wearing …

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Manifest – to make shit happen! For those who are wondering  what “manifest” means it is to ‘make something real or apparent’, or ‘make shit happen’. Affirming your intentions, desires and gratitude to the universe or spirit is  one of the most powerful  way to manifest your intentions. into your life. Positively affirming your commitment to your path – whatever it …

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