What screws us up most in life

This is so true. How often do you catch yourself doing exactly this!!?! Thinking about the things you wish you had done, the things you wish you owned, the things you feel you've missed out on and the way you wish your life was. It's so easy to focus on the 'have not's'. The perceived failings, the difference between where you are and where you wish you were. Many people spend their lives this way, imposing an abstract sense of failure upon themselves, that does nothing but stir up feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. What if we just stopped doing that to ourselves? Imagine how much better the quality of life would be if we learnt to focus on what was in front of us, rather than what we 'wish' was in front of us. We all need to come back to the moment, to 'now' and let go of the reality we imagine, the past we miss, or the gaps we perceive between our 'wants' and 'have's.  Don't wish your life away in this type of pattern... Focus on what you feel, what you sense, what you love right now, and spread your wings and soar. Focus on how good 'right now' feels. Living in this exact moment, 'now' is profoundly liberating. Everything becomes possible again - pain recedes into another dimension, and opportunity presents. Try it, I promise you it will deliver you the

Liebster Nomination

Thankyou so much to Dreadlock Tarot who made me so happy yesterday by nominating me for the Liebster Award. Funny, how much it meant to me, big smiles all over my face. Thankyou for this Dreadlock Tarot http://web.archive.org/web/20140225101347/http://dreadlocktarot.com/2014/02/24/liebster-blog-award/ And guys, check out her blog, its awesome, funny warm and engaging and special - just like she is, so have a look: http://dreadlocktarot.com was nominated for good reason, its warm, funny, engaging and special... just like her readings sound to be too!! There are a few requirements for accepting the Leibster Award nomination, one of them is answering 10 questions posed to you by the nominator. Here are the questions I was asked, and my answers: Dinner party. 6 people living, dead or fictional. Go. Gandhi, John Lennon, Aleister Crowley, my Grandmother, Coco Chanel, Mother Theresa What is the one thing you have always wanted to do but are afraid to try? Sky diving - I just can't find a compelling enough reason to do it. I should have taken the leap before having smurfs. (children) What is your favorite singer or band and your favorite song by them? Nick Cave, Ship Song - have to admit this changes regularly... possibly daily, probably before this gets posted, but it's definitely my right now fave. If you could live in any country in any time period where


  Seek to understand, rather than to be understood...  Listen when spoken to. Abandon your ideals to hear those of another. Listen with your heart and mind to what is being shared and understand the person speaking. Empathy, true empathy to spirit, one another and the universe...   Amber | www.intothesoul.com

Where do you go find god?

Where do you find your god? I don't mean the stuff they teach you in religious studies, I mean the profound sense that there is something greater than yourself and that you are somehow connected to it, and possibly a part of it. Where you know or feel there is a divine presence... an energy or 'intelligence' that is beyond you. Which is a funny thought in itself because how can you know that there is something that you don't know? Hmmmmm. And how is it that every race of people who have lived and that do live on this earth have come to the same conclusion? Different interpretations, but same conclusion. Do you catch yourself talking, praying, begging or bargaining with 'a higher someone'? I definitely do. It surprises me that I've done this since childhood. No one taught me to. I was firmly brought up to believe that there is no such thing as a god, and that religion was essentially rubbish. The only world that existed was the physical one around me, and that each life was a one way ticket. But it doesn't feel right to me... I'm often talking to this energy when I'm nervous or worried... I'm begging it for reassurance when I'm afraid, and I'm thanking it and questioning it at other times. I find 'my god' in


Happy Friday Soulful friends! We are almost at the weekend!! And for those whose time-zone is a little behind.... well it's almost Friday, so be happy too!! What an amazing week its been for me. I've truly been so inspired by some of the most wonder-full thinkers of all time. I've submerged myself in  the words and stories of Buddha, Mother Theresa, Socrates, Rumi, Sufi, and John Lennon, to name a few. I have seriously not been able to get enough of them this week!! If you give them a chance they absolutely feed and heal the soul. They may no longer be "here"  but they are definitely alive and kicking on in spirit. In their free-thinking, and their commitment to the plight and, or, service of others they have left me feeling humbled and inspired and humbled all over again. The perspective they have given me as to what really matters and what is truly important, compared with what is peripheral is unparalleled. If I picture myself trying to explain to Mother Theresa or Buddha or Rumi any of my current set of stresses and worries, I straight away see that to hold these particular concerns means I am fortunate. My needs for survival and safety and comfort are met and I am in good health. To live a life where all your basic needs

Martha Beck on Healing

This morning I read Martha Beck's thoughts on pain and healing and they resonated with me deeply Soullies. So I'm sharing with you; Martha reminded me that pain is as important a part of our life's journey as joy and happiness are. Her thoughts remind me of a lot of the words of a very wise teacher of mine. She once counselled me that if nothing else the pain we experience is our teacher. It enables us great compassion for all who cross our paths, allowing us great compassion and insight, connecting us to them and in so doing, connecting us to the circle of life, or universe. Our pain affirms our growth... and that of others. This is because the pain is itself a process, not an 'end' point. I love that!!! I hope it means something to you too, and here is what Martha has to say on the whole thing: “Emotional discomfort, when accepted, rises, crests and falls in a series of waves. Each wave washes a part of us away... Out goes naiveté, in comes wisdom; out goes anger, in comes discernment; out goes despair, in comes kindness. No one would call it easy, but the rhythm of emotional pain that we learn to tolerate is natural, constructive and expansive. . . . The pain leaves you healthier than it found


Gandhi resonates with me probably more than anyone else ... (at least for now!!) Here are some of the messages he left us - imagine how empowered you'd be if you took them all on board : Be the change you wish to see in the world What you think, you become Where there is love, there is life Learn as if you’ll live forever Your health is your true wealth Have a sense of humor Your life is your message Action expresses priorities Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves Find yourself in the service of others Amber | www.intothesoul.com

Listening is an act of Love

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]istening seems to be a more challenging activity than ever these days, and feeling listened to (even by your significant other) a rare experience also!! In my life there are so many distractions - emails, phones, tv, radio, alarms, reminders, children and pets tugging at my focus. Not to mention my internal dialogue that goes a million miles an hourand wants to start critiquing everything that is being said - mean/nice/good/bad, angry/insulting??happy, sad/positive, agree/disagree .... blah blah blah it all gets in the way. I have to remind myself to let it all go and just listen, and not just to the words, to the state of mind of the speaker as well,as its not just the words that tell us what they are experiencing. When you really listen to someone it means that the person you are listening to is more important at that moment than any other need, opinion, motivation or preoccupation you might have. That person is, for that time, the center of your attention and of your universe, and possibly that is the greatest form of love and validation that you can give them, it says you matter, you make sense, and I care... and really that is the core of what they were after when they came to talk with you in the first place. They wanted to be accepted


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