This one is for all of you who have asked for tips on how to protect your energy.

Here is a really simple way to do protect your energy that works for me :

Lie down and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and consciously let the tension leave your body…. Fingers, neck, mouth, back… check that all are relaxed.

Picture yourself lying down. Hold this image in your mind. Place a ‘bubble’ around yourself. See your body in the middle of the bubble. Note that the bubble is strong and flexible. This bubble is like a shield. Things will bounce off it, they will not penetrate it.

Concentrate on shrinking the bubble to fit your body exactly. It has become a tight fit around you. It is perfectly comfortable and it fits you like a glove. This bubble is your ‘shield’.

Practice seeing negative energy; harsh words, sad feelings, random spiritual energy, and so forth, just bouncing off it. See the emotions of others unable to penetrate it, the bubble is made of your energy and it is protecting you from all other energies.

At first you will most likely need to practice putting this ‘shield’ around yourself 2 or 3 times a day. However as you become more familiar with it, the morning ritual should be enough.

You should definitely notice changes in how you feel as a result of this. You should feel more energetic, less drained, less restless or sad as well…. This is because you are no longer soaking up the emotions , feelings and thoughts of others. You are not going out into the world as a sponge anymore. Rather you are contained and safe, allowing in only that which you choose to. For me this makes an enormous difference to my sense of well being. I hope it helps you a bit too … xx

Amber |