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Happy Friday Soulful friends! We are almost at the weekend!! And for those whose time-zone is a little behind…. well it’s almost Friday, so be happy too!!

What an amazing week its been for me. I’ve truly been so inspired by some of the most wonder-full thinkers of all time. I’ve submerged myself in  the words and stories of Buddha, Mother Theresa, Socrates, Rumi, Sufi, and John Lennon, to name a few. I have seriously not been able to get enough of them this week!! If you give them a chance they absolutely feed and heal the soul. They may no longer be “here”  but they are definitely alive and kicking on in spirit.

In their free-thinking, and their commitment to the plight and, or, service of others they have left me feeling humbled and inspired and humbled all over again. The perspective they have given me as to what really matters and what is truly important, compared with what is peripheral is unparalleled. If I picture myself trying to explain to Mother Theresa or Buddha or Rumi any of my current set of stresses and worries, I straight away see that to hold these particular concerns means I am fortunate.

My needs for survival and safety and comfort are met and I am in good health. To live a life where all your basic needs are met and your concerns are not for safety makes a person incredibly lucky.  My heart always goes out to those who are fighting for their survival, whether they are refugees, the homeless, the unwell, or the victims of war or crime.   Their struggle highlights to me how grateful I should be for what I have. From that place of realisation I feel am indebted to live up to my true potential. In my case this  means to share all that I can of myself and of what spirit shares with me, and to be of service to others, even, or especially when, it is difficult for me.

So, the thought that I’ve been left with this week is that nothing is more important than being and remaining true to yourself soullies. You are meant to be exactly the person you are. You do not have to understand your life’s purpose quite yet, just to accept it and be guided by it, for in that lies your perfection.

Life isn’t easy, and it frequently makes little sense. But this particular life is your journey. For all its pain and its difficulties it is special, and unfolds for a reason. So if you are different, or unique, or a bit of a misfit, like my idols above, please be reassured; your difference is a great thing; and it means you are living truthfully.

It really does seem that the light that shines from those who are ”different” is one of the greatest and purest lights ever to brighten the universe. So whether your light shines brightest in this lifetime, or in the lifetime of those to come, know that it will shine and that what is important is that you are warmed by its glow and that believe in yourself…. xx

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