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7 Types Of Toxic People That Are Holding You Back


7 Types of Toxic People that Are Holding You Back

When people don’t make any progress in life, their first instinct is to blame themselves.

After all, aren’t we the ones who are responsible for the choices we make in life?

Sure, that’s true. However, sometimes, your lack of achievements isn’t due to your personal shortcomings.

Sometimes, such issues stem from the toxic people in your life.

Naturally, spotting the people who are holding you back isn’t a walk in the park. They tend to blend in rather well, and even try to deceive you at times – often laying the blame on you!


toxic people

Well, I’ve decided to offer a helping hand. Here are seven types of toxic people you should avoid in life:

  1. The Judgmental

This kind of toxic person is rather hard to spot. That’s because they don’t seem out of the ordinary at first.

However, there’s one way to tell them apart from the rest: They have a massive ego.

Nothing will ever be good enough to satisfy them. You could have the best intentions in the world, but it just won’t matter to them.

I don’t recommend wasting time trying to please them – it will just cause you unnecessary pain and turmoil.

It’s best to just cut these toxic people out of your life altogether.

  1. The Stagnant

These types of people don’t like the idea of progress in life once bit.

They might act like your friends and show you support, but they will secretly resent you.

Why? Because they don’t have the same drive and passion you have. They would rather stagnate and complain than work to make progress.

Whenever you achieve something, these toxic people will try to invalidate your accomplishments.

  1. The Compulsive Liar

Sure, we all tell little lies every once in a while. It’d be better if we wouldn’t do that, but it’s part of our very being.

However, this type of person doesn’t just dabble in small, harmless lies. No, they lie like it’s their full-time job.

The sad thing is that you can always tell when they’re doing it – after a while, of course.

Keeping them around you is not a smart move since you’ll never really be able to rely on them for support.

  1. The Controlling Type

Their need for control is sometimes borderline obsessive. Unfortunately, many people don’t spot the warning signs because controlling people are usually very charismatic.

That, or they are natural born sociopaths who know how to use empathy to control people.

They will always try to keep you down. However, unlike the stagnant type, they will do this to help them further their own goals.

It’s best to break ties as soon as possible with these toxic people. Otherwise, they’ll always try to subtly force you to do their bidding.

  1. The Envious

This type of person is somewhat similar to The Stagnant type. That’s because they don’t want you to succeed in life as well.

Envious people will generally resent you every time you achieve something. It doesn’t matter if you try to attribute your success to them too – they’ll always resent you.

Distance yourself as much as you can from these toxic people.

Like the rest we’ve discussed, they’ll just try to drag you down into their pit of mediocrity.

  1. The Arrogant

You should never confuse arrogance with self-confidence. One is healthy; the other is just toxic behaviour.

If you deal with someone who always sees themselves as being superior to you, it’s not going to turn out right.

What’s more, if they actually belittle you, then you need to cut ties with them immediately.

  1. The Opportunist

They will jump at every chance to exploit you, but they never offer to help or return a favour. They only know how to take – never how to give.

Obviously, you won’t stand to gain anything from a relationship with them, as you will be the only one contributing to it.

Are There Any Other Toxic People We Should Be Aware of?

These are my main picks, but, by all means, feel free to share your own opinions with us.

After all, we will only be able to grow spiritually when we eliminate such toxic people from our lives.

Be sure to get in touch with me if you want to find out more about keeping your spiritual health in top shape.





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