Understanding the Major Arcana

The Fool – Meaning

The Fool represents Spirit just prior to manifestation, and as such is the tarot card representing infinite possibility and fresh beginnings. The Fool is a card that encourages us to be aware of the present moment and is a reminder to us all continue to appreciate our world with bright, unguarded eyes.

The Fool is a simple being, naïve and hopeful and open to all that the world has to offer. The appreciation The Fool has for his/her surroundings also leaves him very sensitive and emotional. New situations, experiences, and sights profoundly impact The Fool and frequently pierce her vulnerable heart. Such sensitivity sees The Fool susceptible to spontaneous decisions, acting on whimsy, impulsivity, desire, and emotion. Therefore, this card can also be about listening to your own needs, paying attention to the rumblings of an inner voice expressing the desire for adventure, or complaining of feeling stifled or restless.

When The Fool appears in your reading, imagination, possibility, and creativity are empowered. The Fool can also appear as a warning to think carefully about what lies ahead – are the feelings guiding you going to lead you to behave recklessly,  or regrettably? If you are trying to make a decision and the Fool turns up – sit on it for at least 24 hours and think carefully about the wisdom of your plans.

When we look at this card we see our Fool so caught up in the wonderment of her hopes and dreams that she may very likely fail to see that the cliff on which she stands drop away right beneath her – will her next step be safe or perilous?

* The Fool from the Radiant Rider Waite Smith deck.


  • Naivete, blind faith
  • Jumping off point in life
  • Undertaking a new venture
  • Unpreparedness
  • Eccentricity
  • Hounded by instinct, is something dogging you?
  • Just do it
  • Time to move on

Table of Correspondences