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How could you interpret The Devil, The Lovers, and The World when they appear side by side in your spread, or together as a three card answer to your question.

Obviously, it would help greatly to have the specific question that was asked, but in its absence, these are my thoughts.
Firstly take notice of the way you feel when you look at the cards. What mood or feelings rise up in you? Which card seems to be the most significant one or the one that draws your attention the most? Do the cards please, displease, confuse, energize or depress you? Take notice of your feelings and realize that your feelings are going to help guide you as you interpret the spread.

As I mentioned, interpreting a spread generally depends upon the question asked. However, at a very top level, I see these cards as indicating the need to choose a new path. The path ahead is shown as being based upon temptation (devil), opportunity (lovers) and the world – a decision to move forward… the temptation indicated by The Devil seems likely to be a troubled one as opposed to a good or positive one – the overwhelming desire for something that is hard to resist usually points towards addictions, infidelity, self-destructive or capricious, impulsive behavior…. I would suggest that impulses are not acted upon, but delayed and that any decisions be made very thoughtfully and with a measured approach – delay and be cautious.

All three cards are Major Arcana. The message contained in these cards is one that needs to be interpreted (at least in a largely unequivocal way) as a fixed or immutable one. With all cards belonging to the Major Arcana, the events in question and the advice or outcome is seen as ‘fixed’. You can’t change or avoid the situation or circumstance. However, you can choose your response and reactions, and limit your exposure.

If your question was asked with regards to the behavior of a partner or significant other, then the spread is indicating the worst possible outcome/scenario. The cards are literally yelling at you that this person is not to be trusted and that you should disengage from them post haste. Nothing good can come of the relationship – whether as friends or as lovers.

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