If you’re not familiar with Reiki, you should know it is the energy present in and around all living creatures and their surroundings.
It is the driving force behind great accomplishments. Your state of mind is directly linked to your Reiki levels.
Are you feeling stressed and tired all the time? Reiki healing might help you. But to start a healing session, you will need some quality Reiki candles.
If you want the best results from your therapy, not just any candles will do. After all, your emotional well-being and clarity of mind deserve only the best.
Here are the five qualities you should look for if you want results.

1. The Wax Should Be Clean

Reiki candles are chosen for their healing properties.
If the wax in the candles contains harmful substances (such as lead), that can ruin the whole process.
After all, the whole purpose of the candles is to get you closer to a natural experience.
Get some candles made out of soy wax with various botanical oils to complement it. You can find many exotic blends on the market today.

2. The Dyes Should Be Natural

As long as you’ve chosen wax with natural ingredients, you should choose the dyes based on the same reasoning.
The problem is that some artificial dyes contain harmful additives. The natural ones are less likely to cause side effects after burning.
To be safe, you should always do some research on the ingredients beforehand.

3. Get an Aroma to Your Liking

The oils with which the Reiki candles are scented should be suited to the mood you want to create.
The nutrients in the oils release precious life energy which enhances our personal Reiki.
Shops that supply the candles usually have a large selection of aromas. All extracted from different plants with different qualities.

4. Reiki Candles Should Have Quality Wicks

Let’s say you took the advice from the first point and are going to get soy wax candles. You’ll need a high-quality wick to burn the wax properly.
It’s no use getting a low-quality material that will burn out during your healing session. Getting up to relight your candles would detract from the experience.
Cotton braided wicks seem to work the best for this purpose. Check for any materials that help with burning stability as well.

5. The Ingredients Should Be Selected to Serve a Purpose

The ingredients in Reiki candles aren’t selected haphazardly. To achieve balance, there needs to order even in the most basic of aspects.
Check on your supplier’s website for the reasons they’ve chosen the ingredients. If they just put together a few oils and called it a day, they’re probably not worth your time.
To be sure you’re not missing out, you can contact them for information regarding this aspect.
If your candles fulfill these five criteria, you can be sure to have a fruitful healing session.
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