Do you want to attract new love into your life, rekindle a relationship or bring back an ex?
If so, then these Love Spells are for you.

If you believe in love and in the power of sending out a strong, positive intention in order to get what you want, read on, this is for you…

Here are three simple, effective love spells that work. To cast these successfully you need to believe in what you are doing, your ability to make this happen, and your firm commitment to achieving your outcome.

Magic is the ability to manifest (make real) ones will (desired outcome); to achieve a specific desired outcome. In this case, the outcome desired is the creation of passionate desire, or to create desire and love in another.

Here are three love spells to choose from:

  • Bring New Love into my Life – Bring a real and true love into your life.
  • Return my Ex to Me – Rekindle the love of your Ex and cause him/her to return to me
  • Love and Passion – A spell with dual purpose, this is for causing passion and desire within a specific individual. It can be used for someone who you are in a relationship with, and it can also be used for someone whom you wish to be attracted to and desirous of you. It basically is a spell for lust.

And finally always, always remember, the love spells you cast can only be as powerful as the energy you channel into them.

Bring Love into my Life

This spell is for those who wish to bring true love into their lives. It does not focus on a particular person, it is an invitation and request for the Universe to assist you in finding the one that is best for you, and causing them to fall in love with you and so forth.

You will need:

  • 5 roses – either pick them or purchase them.

Travel a distance from your home.  The further you go, the wider your net will be cast.  Drop the first rose to the ground repeating;

“This is the path of love. My true love will find me.”

Continue to do this with each of the four remaining roses with the last dropped on your doorstep.

Bringing an Ex back

This spell, as the name states, is to rekindle the love of an Ex and return them to you.

You will need:

  • Red ink/red pen
  • Paper; either parchment paper or normal paper
  • Red candle
  • Fireproof bowl: steel or Pyrex bowl, etc.
  • Matches or a lighter

Write on the paper with the red ink or pen the name of your ex three times. Then write:

“If there be still a spark in thy heart for one as me, Let it now inflame your heart as well. Forget the past, rekindle the flame, So our love, may be, again.”

Once you have written this, light the candle and place it in the fire-proof bowl. Hold your paper/parchment in the flame and allow it to burn. Whilst it is burning repeat these words:

Repeat this until the burning ceases, keeping your mind focused on the person you wish to return to you. Do not let yourself get burnt by the parchment, once it is lit place it in the fireproof bowl with the candle. At the end of this ritual, you may wish to scatter the ashes in the wind and call upon the element of air to support you also in returning your love to you. Dear wind, remind Name-of-Ex of their love for me, I thank you for this dear wind. Rinse the bowl in water and as you do, call upon the element of water, in the same way, you did the wind, to remind your ex of their love for you.

Witch Candle Spell 

This spell sparks a fiery attraction in the one you desire. The attraction will grow steadily into a passionate lust. Use this either to attract the attention of someone new or to refuel the passions within an existing relationship.

You will need:

  • A Red or Pink Candle. If you can find one in the shape of a witch that is excellent. If you cannot, simply carve some shape into the candle so that it (no matter how remotely) resembles a witch. The point is that you are ‘seeing’ it as resembling a witch, and putting your mark upon it with this intention is all that is required.
  • A permanent marker to write the name of the intended on the candle, or if you prefer a tool to inscribe the name of the ‘intended’ into the candle.
  • A sheet of red foil paper (wrapping paper would be perfect). Or a sheet of red paper, placed on top of a piece of aluminium foil.
  • A match or lighter
  • Rose oil, Musk oil, or Patchouli Oil – whichever you prefer

On a Friday evening, place your (red or pink witch-shaped) candle on your red foil.  Look at the candle and see it as symbolising the figure of a witch. Write the name of the man or woman whose love you desire on the bottom of the candle. Anoint the candle with rose, musk or patchouli oil. Light the candle and repeat three times:

“Witch candle,  witch candle, Bright with fire, Summon the spirits To bring my desire.”

Allow the candle to burn down about 2.5 cm or one inch per night.  After it has burned all the way to the bottom (always be careful of fire with candles) wrap the foil tightly around it andwitch candle place it under your bed for seven days and nights. After the 7 days and nights have passed, take the candle to a river, focus your thoughts on the one you desire and see their face in your mind’s eye. Then, with steady concentration, throw the witch candle into the river (don’t throw in the foil – put it in the bin) and repeat these words:

“Witch candle, witch candle Let your magic bind Witch candle, witch candle Let (name of intended) be mine. May it be.”

If you require something more complex, or a spell that is geared towards another situation, email me and let me know.

Amber |