We all face major opportunities, challenges and changes in our lives. These come up around career, relationship and significant personal and family issues. It’s part of everyone’s experience. However, it’s not always easy for us to know what we should do. Should we change jobs, end that relationship, relocate or invest our money there? Sometimes these decisions seem disproportionately overwhelming. So much so, that you end up unable to make any progress or decision at all.

Often times seeking a ‘reading’ or spiritual insight is helpful. It provides clarity and insight. Helps you to explore options and outcomes and your potential for happiness. But sometimes even with this insight you still feel at a standstill. This is when it’s really important to ask yourself whether the real problem is one of internal conflict?

Internal conflict is when your desires or goals are not in line with your values or ”needs”. For example; security means everything to you when it comes to your job. To you it guarantees your lifestyle and peace of mind. Yet at the same time, you feel frustrated and stunted in your current role. You feel you should seek a new job, yet you’re not able to commit to the idea…. its hard to walk away from what you have. Your underlying value of security is overruling your desire for growth and the possible risk of disappointment. Instead of delivering any clarity your thought process spins for weeks, possibly months, without you coming to a conclusion or taking any action, leaving you unhappy, ‘stuck’ or at a crossroads.

So if you are in a situation like this what do you do? Whilst there’s no easy answer, actually identifying that the root of the problem lies in your values system is a huge step forwards, and allows you to plan your path in a way that addresses all your concerns.  For example; realising your strong need for security with your work, you take on extra study before moving jobs, or, you seek advancement within your current company, as opposed to externally. This way you still take a step forward, without feeling the overwhelming fear of doing so without a safety net.

Understanding what lies at the root of your problems, is often the fastest way to over come them.

Amber | www.intothesoul.com