The Eight of Cups


February 19th-28th

Pisces in Saturn


  • Turning away from what is offered – rejection of that which you are a part of. For example, stability, opportunity. It is a turning away from something that is benign, something that does not imply an immediate threat. The figure in the 8 of cups is not running away, nor are they hiding. They are slipping away as they chose to, not in flight from imminent threat.
  • Inability or refusal to confront fears or phobias, possibly indicating excessive shyness also.
  • Relinquishing or refusing to take on responsibility or refusal to be accountable.
  • Hiding your true self, masking who you are, and revealing it only to the select few. A second or secret life. An inner life.
  • Personal insecurities, lack of self-esteem – do not be ashamed to let others see you for who you really are.
  • The party, or event that’s a flop …. ouch, if you get this card turning up around an event you’ve got planned – you’re in trouble, drastic changes are needed


  • Wealth material pleasures – security, money etc.
  • Depression – do not dwell in the gloom of the past when possibilities surround you… open your eyes, do not live internally.
  • Transcendence

The eight of cups shows a figure heading away to begin again elsewhere. This card is about a new beginning and a desire or need for change. It implies the necessity of giving something up, this something may be material – the house or life the figure is leaving behind, or it could be emotional – a fear, phobia, or situation that must no longer be hidden from…. a truth must be faced.

Often when this card comes up the querent or the person this card is relating to may be experiencing depression, or finding the circumstance the card talks about as very difficult and sad. In the Mythic Deck this card refers to Psyche’s visit to the underworld. The underworld is a place of mourning and therefore the theme of depression associated with the card is amplified.

We must also remember that in choosing to visit the underworld we are voluntarily giving up all hope of all hope for the future… which I see as in visiting the underworld we give up our autonomy and we have no choice but to accept what is presented to us, or ”the rules”. Our future, whilst we are in this realm is no longer one we can manipulate or make choices about.

Therefore, visiting the underworld, or having the 8 of cups present, can also be seen as voluntarily giving up hope for the future – or giving up the future as had thought it would be… this speaks to me especially in terms of one who is heartbroken has lost their ‘great love’ or is bankrupted and now the future looks nothing like they had pictured it.

On a lighter note; I also see in this card – the holiday that isn’t a holiday… Other’s might be thinking you’re going on vacation but to you – its ‘work’… and whilst you’re putting on a brave face about it all, you’d much rather be sticking with your normal routine than going on this ‘vacation’. Think Disney Land with the kids when you’d rather be on the beach in Tahiti!! Going camping instead of staying at a nice bed and breakfast….   Saturn in Pisces – weak Pisces being overpowered by Saturn’s rigidity and heaviness.

Decan: 0 to 10º Pisces