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How to Tell if You’ve Come into Contact with a Spirit

There are many entities in our world that we can’t see with the naked eye. Strange, unexplainable occurrences happen on a daily basis. I’m even willing to bet that most people can honestly say that they’ve come into contact with a spirit at least once in their life.

Today we’re going to talk about how spirits communicate and manifest themselves. Our world is much more mystical than we give it credit. I’m going to help you see more than meets the eye.

What Are Spirits?

Spirits, or ghosts if you like, are people just like us. Dying is not the end of our story. We just pass to a different realm. The deceased may not have a physical body anymore, but they are still here with with a spirit

Spirits have energy, and they can communicate with the world in many different ways. They can interact with objects to an extent, but they can affect the living much more strongly.

If you come into contact with a spirit, don’t panic. We may not understand everything about them, but they are not malevolent entities out to harm us.

How Spirits “Speak” to the Living

Ghosts have numerous ways of communicating. These methods can be categorised, and we are going to go over each one.

  • Sudden changes in temperature: In many cases, the presence of a spirit causes a sudden change in temperature around it. If you are overcome by a sudden warmth around you, it may be a sign of contact with a spirit, most likely a loved one. Do not take drops in temperature as negative signs. Ethereal beings communicate in mysterious ways.
  • Unusual electrical phenomena: Spirits are made up out of energy. That means they can affect electrical devices around them. If the lights, TV or computer are acting strange, it might not be a malfunction but a person.
  • Overwhelming feelings: Spirits don’t usually tell us how they feel. Instead, they make us experience the feelings ourselves. If you feel a wave of comfort and calmness, for example, it may be a deceased loved one offering you closure.
  • Hearing a voice: Being able to hear things from the spirit world is called clairaudience or clear hearing. If you hear a voice out of nowhere, you might just be clairaudient. That goes double if the voice belongs to someone you know passed away.

Each person and spirit are unique. These aren’t the only ways a ghost can communicate with the living. If you experience different unexplainable phenomena, it could still be the actions of an ethereal being.

How You Can Make Contact with a Spirit

Encounters with ghosts aren’t always unexpected. There are several ways you can become more in-tune with the spirit world. I’ve written an article on how to draw out your psychic abilitiesPeace of mind and spiritual balance also help you understand surrounding energy and identify ghosts.

Another option is to hold a séance. Spirits are all around us, and they can understand us a lot better than we can understand them. Thinking about a deceased loved one and calling out to them can be enough to bring them to you.

Spirits interact with us in many unexplainable ways. Hopefully, you will now be better prepared to recognise paranormal phenomena. Remember that spirits aren’t so different from us and they should not be feared.

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