Are you psychic? How do you know if you’re psychic?

What we recognise today as being ”psychic” or having ‘psychic ability’ is really just a referral to the degree of skill or ‘ease’ with which some people are able to access or make a spiritual connection.

Basically the core of all spiritual connection is in working with energy. Every life form on this planet feels energy, and is effected by it. The degrees of difference are in the ability to interpret it, channel it and understand what is being communicated by it. So the answer, to the question, “Are you Psychic?” is yes  – its just to what degree you’ve worked with your skills and how competent you’ve become.

Intuitive information is always energetic. You might receive it most clearly as a ‘vision’, a ‘gut feeling’, a ‘spoken word’ or ‘sound’ or even a ‘smell’ or an emotional experience such as ‘déjà vu’.

Everyone is able to pick up on it, some people just make it seem a lot easier than others. This is either because it comes to them ‘naturally’ or they have spent a great deal of time developing their ability to connect.

Are you Psychic? Mediumship & Clairvoyance

Medium – having an ability to communicate with Spirits:

  • Hearing your name called, but no one is there
  • Sudden chills, even though there is no source of cold air
  • A very, very dry throat that comes on all of a sudden frequently making you cough, which then passes as suddenly as it came on. (it’s a bit like your mouth has all of a sudden gone bone dry)
  • Goose pimples or bumps breaking out without cause though if you pay attention to this you will start to see that it occurs in a way that seems to affirm internal questions or ideas… it almost seems the equivalent of a ‘spiritual’ pat on the back
  • Very strong smells that seem to invade your senses from nowhere; these smells could be either pleasant or unpleasant and you will be the only one smelling it
  • Experiencing extreme emotions with little to no external stimuli
  • Seeing energy/orbs floating through the air
  • Strong desires for things you don’t understand – like an urge to go somewhere (beach, countryside, airport, train depot, truck or ship yard) or visit a particular place (specific address, particular cemetery site, seemingly random spot or plot of land) , or take part in an activity that you actually have no interest in.

Clairvoyant – signs of being psychic or intuitive; having clairvoyant ability:

  • Visions that make no sense to you – like watching a snippet of a movie. coming unbidden, containing information that you have not seen before
  • Dreams where information is being shared with you that was previously unknown
  • Images and symbols flashing through your mind
  • ”Knowing” although you don’t know, the answer to questions, or the outcome of situations
  • Knowing another person’s thoughts or feelings instinctively
  • Hearing conversations, or voices; almost like you’ve suddenly tuned into a radio station
  • Feeling the physical symptoms of another person – you may experience extreme pain, indigestion, headaches, allergy symptoms, and so forth. This passes as you are not suffering from any of these issues yourself.
  • Your ‘internal dialogue’ making no sense to you, or introducing you to new ideas, strange words, and concepts
  • Seeing ‘different time’s’ or periods in history
  • Flashback experiences that do not involve you
  • Very vivid dreams
  • very strong (sickening, upsetting, strange) gut reactions to things
  • knowing ahead of time, and with a sense of certainty, that something is going to happen

We should all make the most of our psychic and intuitive abilities. Spirituality is an important factor in mental and emotional health and brings a great sense of purpose and meaning to those that put effort into developing this area of their lives. The benefits also include stress relief, acceptance and appreciation of life circumstances and an inner resilience and tolerance that is often absent in people we encounter in fast paced societies.

Use meditation to focus in on and develop your spirituality and awareness. The more you feel and work on your union with ‘creator’ and your sense of being a part of a universal connection the greater your ability in all the other areas and related disciplines will be.

If you’re asking yourself the question, ‘Are you Psychic’ , I can help you to work with your skills and develop your intuitive gifts. Email


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