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Get the Most From Your Reading

I am bewildered. I’ve just had a session with a client who talked nonstop. Whilst I hope our session was of help to him, I imagine he could have gotten far more out of it, if he’d switched himself into ‘listening’ mode.

Obviously its your right to choose how you want to conduct your ‘appointment’ with a psychic, but I’ve put down my tips for getting the most out of your session, at least with me anyway!!

1. Know what you want to focus your reading on. Are you interested in connecting to your guides? Do you want a love and relationship reading. Are you interested in what’s to come over the next 12 months. Do you want advice on handling a specific situation. Are you trying to contact someone who has passed? Be clear on what you want and tell your reader.

2. Find out what your psychic needs to do your reading. Name? Date of Birth? Possession to hold on to? Provide what they need, and let them ‘connect’. Don’t tell them your story. You aren’t here to do that. You’re here to get insight from spirit. And your stories can be confusing to us. Its much easier to do a reading about someone you know nothing about and have no connection to, than someone you know. If we know you, we have to consciously make sure we are not allowing information we ‘know’ to limit what we are receiving from spirit. When we don’t know you at all, its clearer.

3. You should feel ‘validated’. This is something I always do with my clients. I spend the first few minutes of the reading looking at what is around them and telling them what I see in their life now. This is the best way that I have found to establish mutual confidence that we are on track. If I can’t tell my client about what is going on today in their lives, how can they have faith in what I see happening tomorrow, next week or next year? A good reader’s connection is apparent very quickly.

5. Understand that the way we receive information does not always make sense to us. We do need your help during the reading to put what we ‘get’ in context and make sure we are on the right path. We don’t want you to tell us information, we just want you to validate that it makes sense. It might sound silly to you, but it really helps us.

6. Finally, you should feel a sense of clarity by the conclusion of your session. Even if the information has been difficult or challenging. Readings help clear the confusion around you and provide guidance and direction. Expect to leave your session feeling empowered and ‘lighter’.

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