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Crossing Over

When the time comes to leave this life most of us cross over uneventfully to the other side. We are drawn to it… a place of warmth and love where familiar faces welcome us.

There are some people though who struggle to make the ‘crossing’ . They remain here in this realm with us, living in limbo, until they finally transition. For some this is mishap, they are ‘lost’ or unsure of what they’re supposed to be doing. For other’s it’s a choice they make to remain here as they do not feel ready to leave and will continue living amongst us. It is quite common to encounter spiritual entities amongst us and most people will experience being in the presence of a spirit (or ghost) a number of times.

You may wish to help a spirit like this cross to the other side, and it’s really something that just about everyone can safely do. Think about the spirit, set your mind to focus on them. As you reach out to them, know this – they hear you. You may not hear/feel their response, but they hear and feel and see you. The connection is real and therefore you can help them.

Show them a window or gateway through which a golden light shines. Tell them to listen carefully and that small voices can be heard softly through this window.  Point to the window and ask them to look at it carefully… Tell them that the faces of their loved ones are in the window … and ask them who they see there.

Then tell them to hold up their hand and reach out to the window. Tell them to step forward and to feel a breeze behind them on their backs.. This breeze is warm and it is lifting them forwards and onwards and they should allow it to continue to encouraging them forwards to the window and the light and faces within it. Explain to them that a new life begins with this crossing. That nothing shall hurt them again and the past will be healed. All is well as they move forward into that golden light. Be patient and kind and guide them with love only… it is a very wonderful experience to assist in.

When the spirit has crossed through, you must make sure to shut the window. Make Sure!!! Double check that your window is shut and locked and then with your mind focused ‘dissolve the window into the darkness’. It must cease to exist. Do not forget this, do not rush this. You can have terrible, terrible trouble if you forget to shut the window.

This is intended for use with benign, non problematic spirits only. More is to come on dealing with the darker energies…

Amber |