White Light Healing – Energy Boost

White light healing is a very old method of cleansing and renewing energy. I most frequently perform this for my clients that are suffering from depression or anxiety, as it lifts the negativity from the person, leaving them feeling far better physically and emotionally. White lighting can be done anywhere, by anyone, and requires nothing but your mental focus. (I’m serious – you can do this at the bus stop , on the train, in the doctors waiting room …

This method of healing can be applied helpfully to many situations – spaces that need clearing, objects that contain unwanted energy or spirits, for the cleansing of your tarot cards, wands, instruments, crystals and other magical objects.One of the most powerful ways you can use white light, is to cleanse a person’s energy. It leaves them feeling clearer, noticeably less depressed and worried, and gives them a renewed sense of energy and vitality. Many of my clients have talked about feeling appreciably better for up to 2 weeks following a session, and I’ve found over time that I have been teaching them all to do this for themselves as it’s so beneficial. They report having great success with it, and it made me want to share it with you all. The steps are below.

White Light Healing:

Sit or lie down comfortably. Tell yourself, it’s okay to relax and  to let the worries of the day slip away from you. Breathe deeply and see your stress and worries floating away from you in clouds or bubbles … just watch them go…  blown away gently by the breeze, and feel happy that this difficult energy is leaving you.

Once you feel calm and your breathing is steady focus on seeing an image of yourself (or whatever item or person you are intending to cleanse). See your whole body – either standing up or sitting down, perhaps cross legged , or whichever way is easiest for you to visualize.

Look closely at yourself and see around you an aura or a dome of energy – similar to the shape of a candle-flame or an egg. The energy has colors in it – pinks, blues, murky colors, green, perhaps silver, or red… or white. Focus on the energy and step closer to it. Look at the colors and appreciate them. Take notice of how the different energies in this aura make you feel.

When you’re ready, step back, and allow yourself to refocus on the whole image again. Seeing yourself with your aura, the dome of colored energy, encircling you. The colors in the energy are all the emotions and feelings and thoughts and experiences you’ve had that have affected you and remained with you. You have not been able to release this energy and for that reason you keep on experiencing it and being impacted and effected by it. Some of this energy is very dark and negative and you would feel much better if it was released – so that is what we are going to do.

We are going to clean your aura, expelling the current energy trapped around you. We will continue the process (even if becoming fatigued) until all that is left is clear. When your aura is clear, or ”white”, you’ll have completed the white light healing process. After you have recovered, you should start to notice a definite change in your energy levels and boosted feelings of well-being or positivity. If you are severely run-down or depressed, it may take you three sessions to get to a place where you are feeling a genuine sense of positivity and relief from your symptoms. However there will be changes from the beginning – slightly less dramatic if you are coming from your energy levels and positivity immediately. When done properly, you feel incredibly wonderful; your mood is greatly elevated and so is your sense of vitality.

Now that you’ve some familiarity with your aura, and you’ve ‘looked’ at the state it is currently in, we are going to begin our work. See in your minds’ eye a very bright beam of light – like a torch or a candle or whatever is easiest for you to picture – but it must be a blue-white light no yellows at all in the beam.  Direct this beam towards your aura.

Notice how the light lifts and scrubs away the darkened patches of energy around you. Step back occasionally in your minds’ eye and see the progress you’ve made. You are using the light effectively and it is cleansing and refreshing and healing all that you direct it at.

Some of the darkest areas may need to be gone over several times before being fully cleared. If you get tired, you may take a moment or two out – but do not lose sight of the image of yourself.  You are going to proceed to cleanse the entire dome of energy around you. Scrubbing out all the difficulty and pain and hurt you’ve experienced.  As you progress notice that you feel lighter, less burdened, less troubled, less sad. Do not stop until the energy around you is a pure white.

This is actually an exhausting thing to do, particularly when cleansing someone for the first time, and also when you’re not experienced in it, but it does become easier with time and practice. At first, it will require you to have a lot of mental strength and determination, but the way you feel afterwards makes it worthwhile. The benefit of it is amazing; you will literally feel uplifted, revitalized and have a sense of being ‘lighter’.

This is a practice that I would recommend doing at least once a week and at any time when you’re experiencing hardship, trauma or depression.