Soulmates seem to embody the ideal state of love, and just about everyone these days is on the hunt for theirs. They want to connect with their soulmate and in this relationship find a magical intense sense of being in-love, and happy. Ironically though, soul mate relationships are the most complicated, haunting and difficult ones we will ever enter into.  These  relationships are not the idyllic ‘happy’ pairing of two linked souls… Rather they are the turbulent and passionate meeting of two individuals with great unresolved history (karma) between them and feelings that run so deep that the way they feel about each other, barely make sense, even to themselves.

True soul mates enter our lives with an incredible attraction and chemistry. This person is someone we are irresistibly drawn towards, we cannot turn ourselves away, we cannot push them out of our hearts or our minds. They are so familiar to us, they feel so connected, and so powerfully a part of us, that we cannot cut them off. The connection resonates within our soul to the degree that our very happiness seems dependent upon them.

This person may not necessarily be our ”type” – frequently we wonder what it is about them that we fell for in the first place. They may not meet our usual requirements of a partner, or our typical physical preferences,  they may not share our value system. As strange as it sounds though, this does makes sense, as the role of the soul mate is to bring to us the energy that we need to experience in order to grow. Their entrance into our lives is not random, it’s for a reason, and we are going to learn from them.

Demanding, challenging, draining, painful, intense, haunting, addictive and passionate are all used to describe the nature of a soulmate relationship. Great emotional struggle will invariably be experienced. The couples that ‘make it’ together through this turbulence and last, have without exception,  been able to reform themselves in order for the relationship to survive.

Soulmate relationships require a  couple to evolve together or be divided. All soul mate relationships are extreme in that they force growth and change in both partners, you cannot remain as you were prior to the relationship. If you do it will fail, and with great pain you shall part ways.

Sometimes the power of the attraction that exists between soulmates leads to a relationship that is so full of drama and intensity and passion that it is inconceivable to either that they shall ever part ways. Other times, no matter how powerful the attraction, they find that they cannot make the relationship work, circumstances are against them, and the toll the relationship takes is too great for them.

Remember this; soul mate relationships come into our lives to bring us learning.  In order to live a deep, soulful life, and have rewarding relationships we have to make ourselves vulnerable. We need to take risks, expose ourselves emotionally and connect with an openness that we normally wouldn’t show….  Our soulmates cross our paths to help us do exactly that.