I always feel sad when people tell me that they’ve seen many psychics and had many readings and that nothing they were told has transpired. Even worse are those who report that things sadly went very badly, nothing happened as it was ‘meant to’ happen. It leaves them feeling they’ve missed out, or somehow failed, and promotes anxiety and despondence.

  • Why do readers predict that things will happen, and seem so sure of it, and then they don’t…
  • A psychic told me that X was going to happen on X date (e.g. my boyfriend was going to propose on New Years Eve) and it didn’t happen… now I am worried it never will.
  • I’ve seen so many different readers and they have all told me different time frames for things. I’m so confused. Why is this happening, it does not make any sense?

These questions come from a place of pain, frustration and disappointment. I hate seeing people in this state, and hope that the following “explanation” may provide some help in avoiding ‘reading disappointment’. So, when you next have a reading, keep in mind the following concepts:

Concept One – Time is not Linear

  • The place that spiritual (psychic) information comes from does not operate on a 24 hour time clock, and a 365 day calendar year like we do. Spirit does not go around wearing a watch, checking alarms, marking off the calendar, or scheduling appointments like we do. Time for them is not linear like it is for us.The passing of time does not bear on them. Time seems to be circular for them… and (head spinningly) confusingly –  time doesn’t seem to ‘end’. It can always be revisited. It is like time/life is a spiral staircase that is never-ending, and if you wish to back track or revisit another period (spiral in the staircase) you can do so…. everything is continually happening. So really when a psychic is trying to work out ‘when’ something is happening they are doing their best to interpret what they are ‘getting’ (spiral staircase), rather than being given a clear and unequivocal answer.
    Yes its true that psychics sometimes get dates given to them – but this is not something that happens frequently… we usually don’t get dates.

Concept Two – Your choices dictate your future

  • When you have a reading, you are being given insight into what is showing up for you in the future based on you continuing to live your life in exactly the way you were doing, and would have continued to do, had you never had your reading.If, after your reading, you decide to change your whole life  – then your ‘future’ changes too.This is what psychics mean when they come out with that incredibly frustrating stuff about free will and things not being set in stone. Free-will does have a role in everything it’s not just some rubbish that we come up with to provide an excuse for things not happenings as they were predicted.In a nutshell if you decide to behave differently because of what was shared in your reading, then your future too will change. That is free will and that is how it affects things. It does not make your reading incorrect, it means you paid attention to it and changed your path as a result of what was shared… thereby creating different outcomes.

Concept Three – Advice – you need to follow it

  • Advice is another game changer. A lot of times people want to know what they can do to repair a relationship or bring something or someone into their life. Advice is asked for from spirit, and the outcomes that you are given by them, are based on you following the advice that was given. If you don’t follow the advice – either because you find it too difficult, or it just goes against your belief’s or feelings, do not expect the outcomes that were predicted for you.So, if you ask for advice; and are attached to the outcomes that advice brings, then you need to follow it. It might sound harsh, but if no contact is advised – and you make contact, then you’ve not followed the advice!

Concept Four – Shit Happens

  • Delays do occur, as unfortunately accidents do happen. You may have done everything you needed to (or not done everything you needed to) and be on the right path for getting what you’re wanting… but due to the free will actions of others, things are knocked off course.It doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get what you want. It does mean things are going to be delayed, and that the events need to line up again. For example, you were meant to reconnect with your boyfriend and that event that just got cancelled… and now you’re thinking you’ll never get to see him again. Not true. Things will come together again for you, it just requires you to allow a bit of flexibility in order for it to happen.

Concept Five – Feelings and Intentions

  • The feelings and intentions of others are very frequently asked after in readings. Many people want to know what is going through another person’s head, what is in their heart , how they are feeling, their intentions are and so forth. Readers  provide amazingly detailed and accurate information when asked these type of questions. But, do keep in mind that this information is not a set of predictions. It is the thoughts and feelings that another person is having. It is valuable and gives great insight ,the information is often validated too by the person in question as they talk about their feelings and experiences… which is great. But don’t take this information as predictive of the actions a person will take – you must remember that you asked for thoughts and feelings, that is what you’re being given.If this type of information is confusing to you , it is best to keep your questions limited to what ‘is going to happen’, ‘what will they do’ … I advise my clients that unless the thoughts of the person will help them – such as in understanding the others point of view in an argument or why they feel so strongly about something, it is best to steer clear of them.For example, knowing that today your ex boyfriend misses you deeply , is really not going to provide you any real help or comfort as it doesn’t mean that you can expect anything from him. On the other hand, knowing that your boyfriend, goes absolutely mental about smoking because he lost someone, or is terribly afraid of losing someone due to deep fears about cancer does shed light on his behaviour.So think about what you’re going to ask and what information can help you … and if your reader tells you that they can’t give you exact timing – don’t pressure them. It won’t help them be more accurate, it will just make them feel like they have to come up with something for you to appease you… and in the end that is not going to help you.

Next time you have a reading, ask empowering questions.

  • Instead of: When will I get the job I really want? Ask: What do I need to do now to ensure I’ll have a job I love within the next year?
  • Instead of: When will I meet Mr. Right? Ask: What beliefs are currently preventing me from having the relationship I desire, and what beliefs can I adopt that would help me manifest a great relationship soon?
  • Instead of: When am I going to die? Ask: If I continue with my current way of eating, will it cause any significant health problems down the road?
  • Instead of: When will I be able to hear my guides? Ask: How can I adjust my methods so I can hear my guides more clearly and more often?
  • Basically, what I’m trying to say is to take “time” predictions with a grain of salt. Use the information and the estimate to determine if you want to go faster towards a goal or if you want to put on the brakes entirely and head off in a new direction. You are not locked onto one path. Your future is yours …


Amber | www.intothesoul.com