I have a deep love of the Tarot and often refer to the cards for insight on the messages I receive from Spirit. I always find an extra layer of depth in the tarot. For me the cards are a tool that help me to understand what I am ‘getting’. I also refer to them for quick information and answers in my every day life.

Recently, I have been asking my cards a question to which they were showing me an answer that made no sense. The answer was always followed by The Magician…. which quite frankly began to give me major irritation. It felt to me like they were saying, we’re not answering you, your question isn’t worthwhile. I was thinking – wow, is that because this isn’t a spiritual enough question? This deck of cards certainly has a bad attitude. Why won’t they answer; are they on strike? don’t they like me anymore? have they been possessed? Seriously, I was really, really bothered by it, and kept asking new decks the same question and ultimately felt like I could not have faith in cards anymore. This went on for more than a month.

Now that my life experience has provided me the answer to the question I was asking my cards, I realise that The Magician was actually the perfect answer. The Magician was saying to me, everything is waiting for you, you must act, use your abilities, pick up your tools. This needs to be in your hands, and nothing can happen until you take action. But seriously – I didn’t see it. I was Googling what to do about misbehaving decks of cards, what reasons cards have for refusing to answer and so on and so forth.

The reason I’m posting this is that I often remind my clients that the answers spirit gives us may not be straightforward or make immediate sense. It’s often pointed out that the answer seems plain wrong. But we cannot discount spirit’s answers so easily.  Often it is not until time passes that we realise how accurate and meaningful the answer we received was. It just isn’t always immediately accessible, and it may very well be an answer that requires action on the querent’s behalf – so not just a ‘simple’ answer, but an instruction. What to do to find the answer we seek.

The lesson here is that spirit won’t lead us astray. But we must invest ourselves in understanding what we receive. Not just rely upon it to be a simple fix answer or cure to the situation we are facing. Spirit guides us and provides accurate insight. The focus for us needs on asking the ‘right questions’ and working with the answers we are given until we understand or see the meaning within them. Asking the same question repeatedly is not the way to gain clarity, it will just confuse and frustrate you. The answer you were given is the right one, you just need to work through it.

… (or considering exorcisms on misbehaving Tarot decks) …. xxx

Amber | www.intothesoul.com