Recently the Four Cups has been jumping out at me with the meaning or message “the morning after”. In it I see and feel the disillusionment and discomfort the querent or his/her friends are experiencing the day after their big night out.

When I see the four cups this way, I feel that the querent has awoken had that “I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus, what on earth did I do to myself last night?” moment.

They have already woken up with a throbbing headache, perhaps a dubious stranger in their bed, and the evidence of a night’s debauchery around them. They are experiencing the regret of excess – not just because of how hard they partied and the toll taken on their body. But also, because they have carelessly gone through all their party supplies. They are officially ‘out of supply’ and unable to top up in the foreseeable future. Therefore their pain of today is unavoidable. In this light what happened last night whilst fun doesn’t quite seem worth it anymore.

If The Devil or The Star turn up next to the Four Cups, when being read this way, multiply the level of debauchery significantly and look carefully for indications of legal repercussions ensuing as a result of the festivities enjoyed.

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