As everyone who has them knows… Young children, from the get-go, are a leading cause of insanity in otherwise ‘stable’ (term used loosely) people. For all parents who identify; I give you Michael McIntyre.

Not a cure, not a how-to, and nothing preachy. The opposite of all the remedies, schools of discipline and every other piece of advice you’ve ever received. This is empathy and understanding and a reminder that it’s not just you …. so please watch, its hilarious. And, if you’ve seen it already, watch it again.

I watch this religiously on ‘bad’ days (and hang out with my friend alcohol). Any time child-induced heart palpitations rumble, or my brain starts melting – I’ve got it dialled.
This clip is in my phone, my playlists, the spoilt children’s iPad’s, and everywhere else I can save it to.

There’s something so comforting in knowing you’re not alone… I think?

Thanks (so many thanks) to Michael McIntyre

Amber |