I personally am very guilty of not making enough time to meditate. When I do it regularly I feel amazing and refreshed and more energetic. I think the most important thing is to set yourself a routine of meditation and to really honour that time you have allocated for yourself and your connection to the universe.

Yes it’s true, meditating can be a bit of a challenge at first, I definitely find it tough when I am starting out. To me its a bit like going for a run, it takes time to get fit for this activity, you have to build up your meditation muscle, but it does get easier and it does become more enjoyable… just like physical exercise does.

So to begin with, commit to meditating 20-60 minutes, 6-7 times a week, for two weeks. You’re not allowed to give up before the 2 weeks is out!! To begin, find a quiet comfortable area that is warm, and lie down. You should be on your back with your arms straight out beside you, hands relaxed, palms upwards.

Close your eyes and picture your face. Hold on to this image of yourself. Ask spirit to come forward; “Dear guides, please come and share this time with me, I am here and I am waiting for you,” or whichever words seem natural to you.

At this point let go of ‘controlling’ your thoughts. Let yourself become an observer, a mindful one. The image of your face may soften, fade, or change completely …. just follow it, noticing it and what it does, you are no longer in control. Notice what is in the background, the colours that you might see, are there any animals or birds around. Pay attention.

Be conscious of any words or thoughts that come to you… Differentiate between what is your internal dialogue worrying away, and ideas or thoughts that seem ‘new’ or interesting to you… These new thoughts are vague and gentle, and likely your higher consciousness, your spiritual connection… Talking with spirit is not dramatic. It tends to be very similar to listening to your own thought process, and some people do mistake their guides for their own musings. You will learn to tell the difference.

Send the ‘worries’ and interrupting thoughts away. Put them in a bubble or a cloud and watch them drift, they are for ‘later’. Do this as often as you need, do not get upset or attach any emotion or frustration to this, it is normal.

Continue your meditation this way, observing what is taking place and listening. If you wish you can become more actively involved and pose a question or an idea to your guides. Let the question sit there in your mind. Perhaps see the question written down in your minds’ eye, if visualising helps you to keep your focus. Again all you are going to do is pay attention and be mindful.

When you are ready to ‘end’ … let the images soften. Say to yourself that you are coming to an end, thank your guides, and prepare yourself to open your eyes and re-connect with what is around you. Give yourself a couple of minutes to note down what happened in your meditation and what you saw… If all you see is the brief flash of a bird flying through the sky, the rays of the sun, an animal running, a voice speaking for a second, you should feel very proud and encouraged. If you get nothing but frustration that’s okay too, meditating is like running, it takes time to get a rhythm, persistence is everything, so don’t give up.

Amber | www.intothesoul.com