It’s time for a Tarot Top up! So let’s take a look at one of the spreads that everyone will run across in their journey with the cards. The Celtic Cross tarot spread is a great one to get used to. It’s quick and easy to lay out , yet it has a lot of depth to it and literally can be used for guidance, insight and predictions for all situations. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be learning all about it.

Today – just have a look at the positions of the cards and their meanings and get a bit familiar.
The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread -this is a spread that can be used to gain insight into many different situations.  And really is one of the most basic spreads from which you could draw out an entire reading.”




celtic cross, celtic cross tarot spread

This tarot spread can be used to gain insight in many different types of readings and works well as an all rounder to have u your sleeve. Here I have provided a diagram explaining the meanings of the cards, when laid out, in accordance with each position. Positions are provided on the left.