End a Relationship Spell

End a negative relationship or marriage, and strengthen or seek a new love
Follow the process here to cut yourself free from an existing relationship – whether it’s a spouse, lover, family member or friend, as well as to attract new love into your life.

This spell also seeks to replace the energy of the banished person with new and positive energies, either by strengthening another positive relationship in your life, seeking out a new love interest, or strengthen a newly found love.

To cast this End a Relationship Spell you will need the following:

  • 1 piece of paper, folded vertically to leave a crease down the centre
  • Pen or Paper
  • Black Candle
  • White Candle
  • Run Devil Run Oil – see below for how to make your own
  • Cut & Clear Oil – see below to make your own
  • Half a cup of salt or thereabouts
  • Teaspoon red pepper powder – e.g. cayenne, paprika etc.
  • Teaspoon of grave yard dirt
  • Come to me Oil – see below for how to make your own
  • Love me Oil – see below for how to make your own
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Incense such as aloe or sandalwood
  • Van Van Powder – see below for how to make your own
  • A small table or space to lay your items out on

Run Devil Run Oil

  • Crushed red pepper/chilli flakes
  • Preferred carrier oil – or olive oil, or jojoba oil
  • Citrine stone
  • Fill a jar three quarters of the way with your chosen carrier oil
  • Add at least one teaspoon of red chilli/pepper flakes and seeds – your aim is to use as much as is possible.
  • Add 1 citrine stone, seal jar tightly closed, and shake to combine thoroughly.
  • Time is required for this oil to sit and grow stronger – the same is true for the other oils listed below. Leaving them for 4-6 weeks prior to use is recommended.

Cut and clear oil

  • Lemon leaves ( 9 of them )
  • Lemon peel
  • Lemongrass ( you can use essential oil or fresh lemongrass )
  • Lemon verbena ( teaspoon )
  • Lemon mint ( teaspoon )
  • Add all the above ingredients to a jar, immerse in lemongrass essential oil then combine and seal the jar and allow it to sit for 4 weeks prior to use.
  • The simplest formula for this oil though, if the above is a complicated, is to place a few pieces of lemon peel, in a lemongrass essential oil, allow it to sit for 4 weeks and then use.

Come To Me Oil

This oil can be used to attract new love and to increase the focus and attention of your beloved.

  • 1 part rose oil
  • 1 part jasmine oil
  • 1 part gardenia oil
  • 1 part lemon oil
  • 10 parts of preferred carrier oil or olive oil.
  • Put oil in a jar and then add other ingredients. Combine thoroughly by shaking or whisking. Then leave for 4 weeks before using.

Love Me Tender Oil

Attract new love into your love and increase the emotional intensity of an existing relationship.

  • 1 part vanilla essential oil
  • 1 part sandalwood essential oil
  • 11 dill seeds
  • 11 coriander leaves
  • 11 cinnamon chips – or slices from a cinnamon stick
  • Add the ingredients to a jar and then cover with Grapeseed Oil or your preferred carrier oil.

Van Van Powder

  • 10 parts lemongrass
  • 5 parts citronella oil
  • 2-3 parts vetiver root
  • 1 part palmarosa
  • 1 part ginger grass
  • 2 parts salt
  • ensure all ingredients are fully dried, pound into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle

Steps: End a Relationship

  1. On the right hand side of this piece of paper list the qualities this person had (or you initially felt they had) that you liked about them and found attractive and positive. For example, their smile, sense of humor, the way they (first) treated you, how they once made you feel special. Did you feel safe with them? Did you see them as a best friend, someone who ‘’got’’ your sense of humour, someone you could grow old with, did you see kindness or generosity in them. Did you love their eyes, the way they dressed… anything that you can find in your memories that you (even just initially) liked, should be put down here.
  2. On the left side of your piece of paper list the issues that have made you so unhappy and so determined to rid yourself of this negative person. Include specific incidents that have scared you, personality traits and qualities that have hurt you or caused you loss. Negative habits this person has such as alcohol, gambling or drug abuse. Behaviours this person participated in that brought you heartache or hurt – such as cheating, physical violence, threatening behaviour, deception, theft, unreliability, manipulation and degradation and so forth.
  3. Arrange your space as shown in the picture provided. Sprinkle a line of cut and clear powder down the centre where the black meets the white.
  4. Sprinkle a line of your Cut and Clear or Van Van powder down the centre
  5. Dress or anoint each candle – which means dab and rub in a bit of the oil on each candle.
  6. Light the Incense, then light the White Candle, then light the Black Candle
  7. Focus your mind and feel the power of your emotions and the energy within you. Channel this energy into an absolute belief that this End a Relationship Spell will work exactly as you intend it to. The more energy you raise, the more powerful your work becomes.
  8. Remaining focused and centred speak the words: “Cut and clear.”

  9. Pick up the list with the positive and negative qualities and fold and re-fold the centre crease until the piece of paper can be separated into two. All the while remaining focused on your desire to rid yourself of this negative person and bring positivity into your life.
  10. Put each side down as shown – the positive side in line with the white candle, the negative with the black candle.
  11. Focusing on the lists of qualities speak the words: “Cut and clear.”
    Slowly pick up the list of negative qualities and say the words, “This is what I cast aside, cast out, and cannot abide. Of this I will have no more.”

  12. Then channelling all the sad and hurt and negative feelings you’ve experienced and written down in your list, begin to read it out loudly and clearly. Pour your emotion into the reading of this list, and if you wish, read it multiple times as if it is cleansing you and ridding you of all you experienced that brought you pain.
  13. When you are finished, take some of the red pepper in your fingers and sprinkle it into the middle of the paper (negative qualities) and fold it up so that it becomes a packet and contains the pepper within.
  14. Carefully hold your paper packet with the red pepper over the black candle and allow it to catch fire. Hold the burning packet over the salt and allow the cinders, ashes and debris to fall on the salt. When the packet is all burnt out, grind it into the salt and pepper mixing it and combining it thoroughly.
  15. With your breath extinguish the black candle.


Attract New Love

  1. Take a moment to center yourself and calm your thoughts. Slowly and deliberately pick up the piece of paper that contains the positive qualities you wrote down.
  2. Say the words: “This is what I desire, call forth, and require. This will come to me.”

  3. Channeling your positive emotions and the desire you have for your new love and for future positive and loving people in your life, slowly read out the list of good qualities. Read it out as many times as you wish, know that as you do this you are casting forth your desires and wishes and calling forward what and whom you seek. The power of sending out your intent is great and the more meaning you pour into this, the better.
  4. When you have finished, take three petals and put them in the middle of the paper and again fold it into a packet.
  5. Hold the packet above the white candle flame and let it get warm, as you do this think of think of your desired outcome, and focus your intent – to attract new love.
  6. Once the packet is warm, hold it to your chest, above your heart.
  7. Say the words, “Cut and clear, cut and clear, I will keep with me all that I hold dear.”

  8. When you are ready, place the packet of petals, with the remainder of the rose petals, making sure all are in front of the white candle.
  9. Allow the white candle to SAFELY burn itself out. Do not extinguish its flame. When the candle flame has died, retain your packet of petals and place it safely away.
  10. The next man who loves you will come to you with as many of these good qualities as he can muster and will be an all-around better person than the last one.
  11. When cleaning up after this spell, bury all the left-over incense ashes, white wax, and unused flower petals from the white / good side in your own yard.
  12. Separate into a small container the ground up ashes, pepper and salt from the negative side of the spell work. Gather the rest of the debris/mess from this work into a separate bag.
  13. Take the container and the bag of leftovers to a crossroads and place them in a rubbish bin, or if in the countryside, and there is no bin, bury them. This allows the negativity of these objects to disperse into the universe gradually.
  14. As you walk away, take the container with the ground-up ashes, pepper, and salt and throw the contents over your left shoulder.
  15. Do not turn or look back, it is important that you do not look again at the scene you – you are leaving it physically and metaphysically behind you and it is a very important part of the process you need to follow for the End a Relationship Spell to work effectively.