Here is the last of Deepak Chopra’s seven Laws. It provides a lot of food for thought. I also think it gives a sense of how one can best live a life that at the end of all their days they will be proud of. I think that if you followed the law of dharma, you would turn around in your old age and reflect that your life had been well lived… and that you were proud of who you were. I love this one soullies! let me know what you think xxx

The Seventh Law of Spiritual Success: The Law of Dharma or Purpose In Life

  • The Law of Dharma that we come to earth and take physical form to fulfil a purpose. Therefore that we actually come are born with “a reason to be”.
  • Your purpose is unique to you and only you, it is predetermined, and it is of value – do not question the value of your purpose, trust it instead. Your purpose will always have an element of giving to others, of being of service, and helping. This is because it is through these pursuits that our spirits know the greatest sense of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Imagine children growing up with this knowledge, that right from the word go. That they knew they were of value and their lives were intrinsically meaningful, just because they were here. It would have an amazing effect on their self esteem and psychological health.

There are three components to the Law of Dharma:

  • Each of us is here to discover that essentially we are spiritual beings having a human experience, this is thought of as discovering your “true self”.
  • We are here to express our unique talents for the betterment of our planet and society.
  • To be of service to humanity—to serve your fellow human beings and to ask yourself the questions, “How can I help? How can I help all those that I come into contact with?”

To proactively apply the Law of Dharma, you will need to commit to the following:

  • I am going to seek my higher self, beyond my ego, through spiritual practice.
  • I am going to discover my unique talents, and I am going to enjoy myself doing so. Because the act of enjoying and being within the ‘moment’ is incredibly important.
  • I am going to ask myself how I am best suited to serve humanity. I am going to answer that question and then put it into practice.

Applying the Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life

  • Today I will pay attention to my connection to God, creator, universe, goddess  – however it feels best expressed to you, and be thankful for it.
  • I will make a list of my unique talents.
  • I will ask myself daily, “how can I serve?” and “how can I help?”
  • I will remind myself that the question, “What’s in it for me?” is the internal dialogue of the ego. Asking “How can I help?” is the internal dialogue of the spirit. I will seek to align myself with spirit.