The ten of swords is the final number card of the sword suit, indicating your completed journey through this particular world of the tarot. This card shows us clearly an end from which there is no returning; the worst has happened, nothing can be changed or saved, nothing can be ‘fixed’. The idea, the thought, the dream, it’s over. A new beginning must be your focus, you cannot hold onto the old ways any longer.

I often make the point that in the swords suit, which correlates to air and thought, that in the majority of this suit you really are able to take control of your thoughts and perception and prevent yourself from suffering the points of the swords. What I mean is that in the swords its your thoughts that are hurting you, change your thoughts and you change the suffering. However, With the 10 of swords, it is too late. You have been pierced already and you are suffering. You will not find a way to avoid this. All you can do is prepare; think ahead and plan how to cope with the mental distress you will be facing.

I truly believe that the most important thing that I can share about this card is its gravity. You have to take it seriously. If this card appears in a reading, serious stuff is happening. You can’t gloss over it, you can’t play it down. You cannot think oh well, the 10 of swords is showing, but it won’t be too bad because there is a 9 cups, Ace pentacles near it. The 10 of swords will always always hurt. Trying to ‘fix’ or prevent this card, is an impossibility, and only sees more of your own energy poured into the cause of your suffering. Heed the message of the 10 of Swords well, and give this card the respect it deserves.

The 10 of swords is about endings, from which there will be no return. And perhaps the only relief you could equate with it is that it denotes the bottoming out. This is as bad as it is going to get… and you do seem to have survived. Therefore, from here on out it can only get better. If you must try to derive a bright side from this card, the only one seems to be that on the flip side of an ending is a new beginning, and that must be your focus. So your most positive or pro-active interpretation of the 10 of swords would be to start manifesting the ‘new beginning’, seeing it, believing in it and investing your energy and positivity in it.

The 10 of swords can refer to many different situations or events, but the circumstances are always serious. You are hurt, depressed, experiencing pain, everything is over… life as you know it, or have believed it will be, is no longer a possibility. Think along the lines of an end to a marriage, a life threatening illness, the death of a tangible dream (such as a marathon-runner injuring themselves and not ever being able to run distance again; something is over, ended, taken from you, and it was not your choice). A friendship may have been irrevocably betrayed, a promising career path blighted. It is always highly upsetting and disturbing and transformational; once again – life cannot be same again. No one is fine when they are hit by the 10 of swords.

This card can also indicate severe physical pain – particularly pointing to problems of the back and skeleton. A defeat of your opponents – if they are represented by the 10 of swords, then it’s all over for them, victory is lost and they have nothing left to bring to the table.

Amber |