Is internal conflict the problem?

internal conflict

We all face major opportunities, challenges and changes in our lives. These come up around career, relationship and significant personal and family issues. It’s part of everyone’s experience. However, it’s not always easy for us to know what we should do. Should we change jobs, end that relationship, relocate or invest our money there? Sometimes these decisions seem disproportionately overwhelming. So much so, that … Read More

Testimonial Genuine Psychic

Amber has been reading for me for a few months now. She is amazing, honest, compassionate & most importantly so accurate with her readings. I am so grateful to have her guidance, as she always speaks the truth about a situation. Thanking you so much. I highly recommend Amber. She is beautiful. Lots of love, Ally xx Hi Soulfriends, Happy … Read More

Circle of Life

This is a beautiful, powerful, and affirmative meditation, I hope you enjoy it. You are important and of intrinsic and infinite value. You are someone who is in charge of your own life, your thoughts and choices… All are yours. You are exactly as you are meant to be, and you are perfectly on the journey you set out for. … Read More

The Four of Swords; Meaning & Interpretation

four swords

When I look at The Four Swords, in the Rider Waite Deck (RWD), I put myself immediately in the situation of the prone man lying on the tomb. I feel it’s almost too painful to even think outside of my current needs and situation, all I can do is stay alive, barely. If I do attempt anything further those swords might just fall and pierce my … Read More