Amber, Into the SoulMy name is Amber, I am a psychic medium and clairvoyant. I am passionate about helping people and making a difference.

I hate seeing people suffering or in pain. Compassion, empathy and a desire to help others, guides me at all times. I help those in hardship through sharing spirit’s guidance.

I provide psychic readings, and spiritual, intuitive guidance. I am here offering you my services as a Psychic Adviser and hoping to help you with the guidance and insight of spirit.

I am able to connect with, and channel the energy of others and spirit. I am given predictive visions, I hear the thoughts, and feel the emotions of those you seek to understand. I am able to anticipate what they will do next, answer specific questions and provide detail for you about the situations you need information about.

Frequently when I am reading one of my guides will step forward and begin to answer your questions too… when this happens you may notice that the ‘tone’ of the reading changes a bit or that some older language or funny expressions are used. Please bear with me through it, I am just writing down exactly what they say.

It is my belief that we are very honored when a guide answers us directly, and that double meanings are usually to be found in what they say.

“You introduced me to my guides who I now feel very connected to on a daily basis and you also gave me permission to see myself for who I really am and celebrated what I have to offer which has opened up a whole new world of spirituality, healing and purpose to me.
I now feel I am on my right path to do what I came here for and be who I am in my soul. ”

By sharing what I feel, see and hear, it is my aim to help people, and to share the reassuring and affirming love and connection that awareness of spirit delivers.

Please be aware that when I am reading for you I am not really able to censor myself or the information that comes through. I am always conveying things as sensitively as possible, but I am focused on relaying the message to you and keeping up with the channel more than anything else.

So please understand, that if you are not ready for a particular piece of information, or only wish to hear a certain answer, than this isn’t the right place for you. For your sake, only ask questions you are willing and prepared to hear the answer to.

Whilst my sessions are always affirming and empowering, they are also challenging; not fluffy or contrived.

If you are in an emotional crisis, a psychic reading may not be the best option for you. In this circumstance you would be best to seek out a loved one, friend or counselor to talk things over with.

If you decide that a reading is the best way forward for you, please come with an awareness that the ‘truth’, as opposed to what you want to hear will come forth.

This is always to guide you, but at times you may not be ready for this information and would rather receive comforting reassurance. For this reason, a spiritual reading can be too confronting when you are in a highly emotional state like this. So please be responsible for yourself.

My work with Spirit is all about delivering you with the guidance needed to move past yourcrossroads. Whether it be love, career, life-direction, a need for spiritual guidance, health or state of mind.

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