Outer Time

Outer time is horizontal, linear time. It is the time we perceive with our senses. Outer time is following the Lunar Ring, measuring the synodic cycle of the Moon in 13 x 29,53059 days. All 384 days are related to one line of the 64 hexagrams because 64×6=384: synchronised on the Arcturian Chessboard.

Galactic Time

Galactic time is a script that repeats four times in the Harmonic Module. These four galactic seasons of 65 days are known as the 20×13=260 days of the Tzolkin, a fractal of the orbit of our solar system around the core of the galaxy. Every day in one of these galactic seasons is connected with one hexagram in the U Ching.

U Ching is the name given to a discovery of the interconnected number frequencies of the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching.
Through the application of this number logic we learn how the synodic cycle of the Moon, Lunar Ring and Outer Time, synchronizes with the orbit of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun, Solar Ring and Inner Time.
These two cycles show the passage of the galactic seasons of 0-64 days.

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