Tarot Insights: Two Wands


With the Two Wands the world is your oyster, you have so much going on, and so many ideas. You are capable of anything you set your mind and heart to. Be strong, be determined go after what you want, and be true to yourself. Your inspiration is Mars the Warrior…

Tarot - 2 Wands

Two Wands

As with all the cards in the Tarot, the Two of Wands, conjures many different meanings, feelings, visions and interpretations. This card is typically or traditionally seen as representing the contemplation of the future, or that which is unseen (beyond the horizon), the recognition of one’s need to make choices and evaluate opportunities, as well as to take ownership of the power that lies in your hands. Personal Empowerment. The choices you make will become the reality you live, the Two of Wands reminds you, that you are the master of your destiny. This card is about you – and what is being presented to you, and what in turn is required of you.

Mars is the planetary significator of this card. He brings to it all his fiery, confident, wandsy male energy. Mars is a warrior and his sign of rulership powers the 2 wands, and those who follow him, with vibrant enthusiasm.  Self-doubt does not exist for Mars; he charges forward fearlessly, he will not be bound by worry.  His decisions are made quickly and with full of confidence and self belief.

The appearance of this card may indicate that one needs to stop over thinking things… stop the constant analysis, and respond from the heart. Stop putting  the needs of others above your own… At this moment, at least,  over analysis is to your detriment, you are encouraged to consider your needs and your desires and believe in your judgement. The Two of Wands is telling you, that you will fulfil objectives, if you act fearlessly; just as Mars would.

The Two Wands calls forth your primary responses; your likes, dislikes, wants and needs. It is encouraging you to reconnect with your true self and to be motivated by your honest, genuine, heart felt emotions. Don’t compromise who you are – ‘your integrity’, this is a key part of its message.

The honest but primitive side of Mars is often squashed with culture and etiquette. Sophistication helps people get along in the world, but it can also result in undeveloped personalities, an inability to make dynamic choices and a lack of self understanding. This card reminds us that knowing one’s self and pleasing one’s self, is, from a Mar’s (martian??) standpoint,  not selfish, but self-fulfilling.

I love this slant on the Two of Wands, it gives great insights into less used interpretations of the card. I personally love the idea of the ‘childlike’ energy that the card has due to Mars – and the impulsive energy he endows the Two Wands with. What do you think?

Traditional divinatory meanings for this card waver between contemplation of the future to embracing new opportunities. The attribution of Mars, with all his fiery warrior energy, enthusiasm and bravery, charge this card, and those born to the sign of Aries, with his fiery impulsive disposition and vibrant energy. Mars is not just a warrior, he is a conqueror. I see him as a restless conqueror though, and somewhat of an “ideas” man. He loves the idea and the challenge – but the follow through and discipline, they can be delegated elsewhere. I also feel that Mar’s is restless and bores easily… that which he conquers, masters or seduces, only amuses him whilst its fresh and intense. Once bored he is off on his next adventure.

If you are acting on the energy of the Two Wands you are full of spontaneous vibrant energy. Your blood is pumping and you are ‘on Fire’ … it is truly great to be Mars! do not confuse him with facts, he will anger quickly. This fiery temper of his is another of the attributes that charge the Two Wands.

Mars has the vibrant enthusiasm of an infant and wants you to experience this wonderful intoxication with life too. When you feel this way, no thought is necessary; the light is green, and it‘s time to go. Infants operate with self-absorbed instincts. They reach for whatever looks interesting, and usually stick it in their mouths. Adults often lose the capacity for child-like wonder, curiosity, and experimentation; in this respect, the appearance of this card may indicate that the client needs to absorb the world around them in an untrammelled, child-like manner.