You have given me so much to think about today, your advice is what I really needed to hear because I often forget that I also get to decide if he is enough for me.. so I really appreciate that!
I wanted to tell you also that your readings always seem to re-energise me, I’ve spent the day going back to my roots and I feel so much more confident, I really can’t tell you how special that is so thank you amber 🙂
I think you are right in that I can help him through his issues if I remain understanding and patient!
The thing I’m struggling with the most is that when you say he does love me.. I FEEL that from him so strongly I believe it, but then his words are so contrasting to that it makes me think it must be impossible
Again you are so on point you have tuned into my head perfectly 🙂 so gifted!! Xxxx
 –  9th October, 2017