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I can honestly say that you brought tears to my eyes because you literally showed me a mirror that I had covered for so long about everything you just said. From the depression to being confused, and about how I treat myself. I went into this not really expecting anything but when you sent that email, I couldn’t help but feel like you hit the hammer right on the nail. I want to touch base on something you said at the end and want to thank you for that(and this reading overall), saying how you might send this now, and I was confused to why you said that but after reading everything, my friend who was with me at the time asked what’s wrong and I broke down in front of her. I just let that wall down with her and told her everything, from this reading, to how I am, how hard I am on myself and soon felt a weight being lifted. You sent that at the most perfect time.

Once again thank you for that reading and opening my eyes to things that I knew but kept in the dark! Further clarification would be great because I’m in awe and also stuck.

– 22nd October 2018

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