The Spiritual Benefits of Going for Psychic Readings

I can actually help you out with that, as I know about life coaching and intuitive skills in general. Not only can I give you great advice, but I can also provide you with a reliable business, career or finance reading. However, psychic readings go beyond just the mere physical world. They also offer plenty of advantages when it comes to spirituality: A … Read More

Ask me?

Hi Soul-friends!! This page is exactly what it says it is – a place where you can ask me … See one thing I’ve found on my ‘spiritual journey’ is that there really isn’t enough support, guidance or literature out there for us!! It’s slow work building a group of like minded people to talk to, or even finding helpful … Read More

Connect to Spirit & your Spirit Guides

I was going through some notes when I came across a list of questions that I had written out to ‘ask’ my guides. These were personal questions and I will share them below as they provided great insight for me, and I think they would for anyone who sincerely focused on them too. I wanted to explore what was holding me back, … Read More