Where do you go find god?

Where do you find your god? I don’t mean the stuff they teach you in religious studies, I mean the profound sense that there is something greater than yourself and that you are somehow connected to it, and possibly a part of it. Where you know or feel there is a divine presence… an energy or ‘intelligence’ that is beyond … Read More

Spirituality is good for you: 5 reasons why!!

Spirituality is good for you. Yes, truly, it’s a fact. Having spiritual meaning or religious belief in your life benefits you in these ways: Health; lower occurrence of major disease – heart problems, cancer etc. Self-care; better nutritional choices and diets. Higher levels of exercise and sustained practice of stress relievers like yoga, meditation, prayer, tai-chi and similar. Emotional & psychological benefits; lower levels of depression, … Read More

The 4th Law of Spiritual Success – Least Effort

Here is the 4th law of spiritual success, thanks to Deepak Chopra. And this one, by title alone, is my favourite!! It’s super empowering…. wrap your head around it guys, its worth the effort. The Law of Least Effort The basic premise of this law is that you will do less and accomplish more, because you work with what is … Read More